Thursday, 5 September 2013

Coincidental people

Coincidence makes the world go round. Well, it helps my little world go round. It is the small things which keep me going. I share these little things with you, dear blog reader, in an attempt to keep a record of the events. So many little events and coincidences happen, they are easily dismissed and forgotten. This little blog serves as a reminder of the daily events which keep me going.

This has been quite a big week for me, starting a new job, working in a retail shop and also taking steps towards becoming a teacher of English to speakers of a language other than English. Trust me on this blogger, it isn't easy.

I spoke to a woman on the phone about the retail job, she invited me for interview. I interviewed with someone else, I got the job. The first woman I spoke to was the person who organised my induction dates and had me installed at work. I have never met her in person, I was just grateful for the opportunity. The very same week I found myself queueing at the College for information about a course I need to qualify myself for the teaching. Standing behind a woman dressed in black, a uniform if you will, as she turned I noticed she still had her identity badge from work on her blouse. Yes, of course, the name rang a bell and I introduced myself.  

The woman I have been speaking to on the phone for the past couple of weeks about working in a retail shop had materialised in front of me at college. 

Some people are meant to cross our paths, and I have a feeling this particularly lady is one of those. Or is it, that I am meant to be crossing her path? 

So, that was one thing. Then on my first Sunday at work, in the mens' fitting rooms, a young lady asked me if I knew if we sold three quarter length trousers for men. You know, summery clothing. I had to confirm for her that no, we have moved into the autumn range now but the conversation did lead to her telling me how she was off to Thailand with her boyfriend for six months, they have both just qualified as English as a Foreign Language teachers. Lovely. I enjoyed the coincidence.

Lots of love and light to everyone who needs it.

Tamasin x

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