Sunday, 1 March 2015

Not blogging for the sake of it

Well, blogger, here's a turn up. I have stopped feeling a need to apologise for not blogging. I haven't blogged, there's a reason for that. See below the little snippets of my week which I found time to make a note of. See anything remotely worthy of blogging about? Me neither. And that's okay. Forcing myself to blog on a daily basis isn't necessarily going to bring about interesting content. So,I will stop apologising for the lack of blogging and accept that when the Universe wants to deliver something worth writing about, it will. 


Job Interview


Day's training.  Working with a young lady called Sherelle her mum's name is Tammy.

First training screen I looked at had the same name as a woman I am at college with on a Thursday.

Pancake day. Missed pancakes because I was working and although I did have dinner with my son, we didn't have the time to let the food go down and eat pancakes as well!


New Moon, a formal offer of employment, after two days training, which I appear to have got through. 


A day off from learning, finding new ways of working.  Chinese New Year. 

I went for a stroll along the seafront, my favourite place to breath in the sea air and stretch my legs. A white van pulled alongside me on a really steep downward slope heading down to the beach. 

I managed to remember to put a smile on my face and switched in to 'helpful' mode. 

A guy was holding a clipboard with a list of addresses on a white A4 sheet of paper.

'Do you know where Palmeira Avenue is?' he said.

I said I wasn't sure, I knew it was one of the roads on the right from where we were, but I wasn't sure which road it was.

He drove off and I saw him take the next right. As I walked closer to the road sign, I realised it was Palmeira Avenue. It was the very next road on the right. 

Message I interpreted from the Universe...I am closer to my destination than I think.


A third day of working, Paid working. Not training.


Worked all day. I have nearly forgotten my commitment to positivity. It gets harder the more tired I get.

So, my new commitment to blogging is not to bore you with the details of my little life when nothing spiritual jumps out, but to stick to blogging just about the coincidences. I keep putting unemployed angels to work, helping everyone I know. If you feel you need a little help just send a thought up to your Guardian Angel 'please give me the strength I need for ...x.y.z'. 

Lots of love and light to everyone who needs it.

Tamasin x

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