Monday, 20 June 2011

A butterfly, a black cat and someone asked me The Way

Trotting along on Father's Day. Mainly minding my own business,  happily enjoying a few rays of sun through the cloud and rain that we have been experiencing of late.

A Red Admiral butterfly crosses my path,  I watch as it flies across the path of a black cat.  I love seeing black cats,  I see them as a sign of good luck.  I am happy be reminded that there will be some lucky event happen for me soon.  Maybe it will be a good exam result.  I did try really hard. Maybe it will be good exam results for my son.  He has tried really hard. 

The butterfly was pretty, beautiful orangey-red colours.  I have 'assigned' the Red Admiral as a symbol of my friend Ellie.  Someone who I have been re-united with by facebook, and when I went to visit her I saw a Red Admiral on the way round, only to find out that she really loves butterflies.  You know, enough to have things in her home that are decorated with butterflies.

As I am thinking about Ellie and how strange it is that she has moved a few roads away from me, her son is 12 and I don't think I have seen him since he was a toddler in a buggy, a car pulls over and asks me for directions.

I smile to myself,  ah!  Being asked for Directions.  It is one of my favourite things.  The one thing that is a personal coincidence for me, I take it as a reminder from spirit that I am the person who knows The Way.  Not only am I always asked for Directions, but they are always places that I am familiar with or have a direct connection to, personally.

Anyway, this lovely older couple have a map on their lap and they are going completely the wrong way for the street they need to be in.  The street they need to be in?  Ellie's street.  The road I know exactly where it is because not only have I visited it during the week, but I was just thinking of that street.

After these people had turned round and driven back the way they came, it occurred to me that they could going to visit Ellie.  I have message E. to see if any of her family got lost on their way to visit her on Father's Day.  I will keep you posted if I did in fact get asked the way by a member of Ellie's family!  Now, that would be weird.

Lots of love and light to everyone who needs it.

Tamasin x

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