Tuesday, 13 August 2013

'Do you know where the sea is?' Being asked for Directions (again).

There I was, minding my own business, walking into Southend with my grown up son (20). I used to described my son as  'my teenager' but now he is twenty I have to accept he is fully grown. Which makes me older. Tsk. It also makes our opinions jar against each other with no winner. I may be older but I am no longer the only adult in the situation. His opinion now carries the same amount of weight as my opinion. 

Being a parent to a young adult is quite possibly more challenging than being the parent of a teenager. Now it is not for me to stand my ground because I know I am right, now is my turn to know when my son has the right to 'win'. Which of course, doesn't really mean him winning, it just means, for the sake of peace, for me to shut up and stop arguing. 

My son not only differs with me in his opinions about life, the universe and everything, but particularly in my spiritual beliefs. He thinks I am creating links where none exist, giving meaning to events which barely pass for coincidence and just generally make God up to make myself happy. My son also knows how I feel about being asked for directions. I take it as a reminder that I am the person who knows the way.

So it gave me great pleasure to be strolling into Southend, with my son, who was on a mission to Southend Library to borrow a book about computer programming. There we were,mid-heated discussion about something that doesn't matter, crossing a road joining a roundabout and a beautiful four by four, sort of amber coloured car pulled over, on the roundabout,to ask for directions.  A lovely young lady with blonde hair and oversized sunglasses hung out of the window 

'Do you know where the sea is?' she asked.

She probably wondered why I smiled at her. I sent her in the general direction of the beach.

Being asked for directions is one of my favourite things and my son and I continued our walk in silence. He knew I placed some meaning on being the person who knows the way and I knew he knew. I silently thanked spirit for reminding both of us!

Lots of love and light to everyone who needs it.

Tamasin x

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