Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Appreciation and self-love are the most important tools that you could ever nurture. Appreciation of others, and the appreciation of yourself is the closest vibrational match to your Source Energy of anything that we've ever witnessed anywhere in the Universe.


Hello Blogger,

I am really trying not to start all of my blogs with 'sorry, I haven't been able to blog...' I know it sounds like an excuse, but I have generally been unable to blog. 

As I have blogged before, not because my favourite nudges from spirit haven't happened, but because I haven't written them down.

The coincidental numbers, animals, crowing birds, wrong telephone numbers and all sorts of amazing messages which have come to me directly, have still carried on. As usual, I have been reminded that the clearer our own channel, the easier it is for us to notice the signs and messages from spirit.

A lovely poem I have been given. So, to share it with you blogger, here it is:

Share the Joy
John Ryan

Each human life's a Universe
Complete in its own right.
We hold within the tools we need
To help us fight the fight,
To walk the walk and talk the talk,
Just look within, you'll see
That all souls are connected,
And set your spirit free.

For once we know the soul lives on,
When earthly life is done,
That fear of death just melts away.
Our new life has begun.
Our loved ones wait for us on high,
They're near us every day.
We have to pass this message on, 
As we go on our way.

I do this in my daily life,
And when some people feel
There must be something more to life.
I tell them spirit's real.
I do it to bring comfort,
And share my sense of peace.
Belief in life eternal
Brings all of us release.

The trials of the material world
Are something we must bear,
But joy and hope can reach us all,
That's something we can share.
Please search within to find yourself,
And you'll find God there too.
And share the joy with all the world,
It's what we're here to do.

Monday, 4 May 2015

Do you know where the railway bridge is?

Spring is turning to summer, there are more people on foot at this time of year, which naturally turns to people wondering where they are supposed to be going.

I was happy to offer directions this week, it brings me pleasure to be asked for directions, not just because I feel useful, or because I do enjoy being able to help in whatever small way, and often people are very grateful to have found someone else on foot who can help them on their journey. 

No, I am happy to be of assistance and to be of service, because the meaning I give to being in the right place at the right time reminds me that by being right there, at that time, and being able to help the person in need puts me in service to God, and my Guardian Angels and spirit guides have gone out of their way to make sure I am where I need to be. 

I am also aware that Angels don't always place me just to help the person who is on my path, but to help onlookers, to remind them too that we are all earth angels, here to help each other. If you have been chosen by spirit to be the helper, you have been blessed. If you have been helped by spirit and you are the person being helped, you have been blessed, because your need has provided someone else the opportunity to help and therefore grow spiritually themselves.

This is why I blog, blogger, dear reader, to inspire others to remember why they are on the planet, to remain alert to ways in which we can be of service to others and to be grateful to have been chosen to make a difference, maybe not just to one person, but to as many people as they are able to reach.

So, as coincidence would have it, this week, I was asked for directions to the railway bridge. I am often asked for directions to the railway, to the stairs, to the exit or entrance and this week, it was how to get to the other side of the railway, I pointed out the bridge. The paved road which goes over the railway line, not even a bridge really, more of a linked walkway. But, for arguments sake, I will call it a bridge. Also this week, I had another appointment cancelled because of a traffic jam due to someone jumping off a bridge. The next day my train was cancelled because someone had thrown themselves off a bridge onto the train track.  A week for bridges and reminders that sometimes people don't or won't ask for help even when there are people willing and able to help.

Lots of love and light to everyone who needs it.

Tamasin x

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Knowing me, knowing you

Apologies for beginning my blog with an apology, I know I am supposed to write more, it is in my nature. There have been a few little coincidences, which I didn't make time to blog about and now I fear they have escaped the permanence of being blogged about.

What I do remember from recent days? I know I have definitely been asked for directions more than once.

Standing on the corner of a roundabout. Yes, that is a thing. Loads of junctions all culminating in a roundabout at the top, I was on the corner of one of the junctions and a young Eastern European couple walked alongside me, clutching their iphone and looking lost. They had managed to get google map up, and in fairness to them, the depths of Essex isn't really very well signposted. I pointed them in the right direction and bounced off on my journey. A reminder from spirit that I am the person who knows the way. I can't exactly recall the other request for help, I think it may have involved someone pulling over in a car and me knowing where they needed to go.

I have experienced another batch of change this month, not least of which involved more steps towards becoming a qualified counsellor. This involved an interview, a group interview actually, not just me, where the interviewer thought she knew me, or had met me. I tried to explain I get this a lot, but I am not really sure how to explain people having a feeling that they know me, I mean, usually people actually mistake me for someone else, at least this interviewer just thought she had met me before.

I am pretty sure this is spiritual intervention, where angels and spirit guides draw close, bringing people together with a feeling of comfort, belonging and a knowingness that each other's company is familiar and safe. 

I know I have never seen her before in my life, the interview was at least 20 miles from home, not an area I have ever been to and our paths have never crossed, but it didn't stop her wondering where she knew me from.

Well, signing off trying not to promise to blog more frequently, it will only lead to the need to apologise more.

Lots of love and light to everyone who needs it.


Sunday, 1 March 2015

Not blogging for the sake of it

Well, blogger, here's a turn up. I have stopped feeling a need to apologise for not blogging. I haven't blogged, there's a reason for that. See below the little snippets of my week which I found time to make a note of. See anything remotely worthy of blogging about? Me neither. And that's okay. Forcing myself to blog on a daily basis isn't necessarily going to bring about interesting content. So,I will stop apologising for the lack of blogging and accept that when the Universe wants to deliver something worth writing about, it will. 


Job Interview


Day's training.  Working with a young lady called Sherelle her mum's name is Tammy.

First training screen I looked at had the same name as a woman I am at college with on a Thursday.

Pancake day. Missed pancakes because I was working and although I did have dinner with my son, we didn't have the time to let the food go down and eat pancakes as well!


New Moon, a formal offer of employment, after two days training, which I appear to have got through. 


A day off from learning, finding new ways of working.  Chinese New Year. 

I went for a stroll along the seafront, my favourite place to breath in the sea air and stretch my legs. A white van pulled alongside me on a really steep downward slope heading down to the beach. 

I managed to remember to put a smile on my face and switched in to 'helpful' mode. 

A guy was holding a clipboard with a list of addresses on a white A4 sheet of paper.

'Do you know where Palmeira Avenue is?' he said.

I said I wasn't sure, I knew it was one of the roads on the right from where we were, but I wasn't sure which road it was.

He drove off and I saw him take the next right. As I walked closer to the road sign, I realised it was Palmeira Avenue. It was the very next road on the right. 

Message I interpreted from the Universe...I am closer to my destination than I think.


A third day of working, Paid working. Not training.


Worked all day. I have nearly forgotten my commitment to positivity. It gets harder the more tired I get.

So, my new commitment to blogging is not to bore you with the details of my little life when nothing spiritual jumps out, but to stick to blogging just about the coincidences. I keep putting unemployed angels to work, helping everyone I know. If you feel you need a little help just send a thought up to your Guardian Angel 'please give me the strength I need for ...x.y.z'. 

Lots of love and light to everyone who needs it.

Tamasin x

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Journal of coincidences/Positive events 9th February 2015


Beautiful sunny day, although a bit brisk. A day to let go of stress, a day of healing, stretching, spiritually, being open to all that spirit have to offer. A day for self-reflection and self-awareness.


I went for a long walk. I enjoyed taking up my old hobby of  snapping photos of random things which showed up on my path. There were lots of them today, six white doves, yes, six, first time I have seen six white doves, anywhere. Two magpies, a white feather, nowhere near the white doves,one robin, a squirrel (which came right up to close to say hello), three black cats in separate locations, one tabby cat which rolled at my feet and showed me a beautiful, vulnerable tummy. So many lost gloves and hats, I lost count, but I did take snaps just to add to my collection. 

I considered going to visit my friend called Ellie, but I changed my mind on the way round there and swerved off to the park to absorb the healing vibrations of fauna and flora. On my way home a lady walking her beautiful, blonde haired labrador stopped for a chat. She spoke about her dog in that loving way only committed dog owners can. 

'What's her name?' I was prompted to ask.
 'Ellie' she said. 

I had a little chuckle, I did explain that I was going to visit my friend called Ellie but I had changed my mind, I don't think it meant anything to her,but it may have done, often people don't like to admit that they find any significance in coincidence. I also had a chat with the owner of a little brown chocolate dog called Bella. No coincidence involved, but who knows who could show up tomorrow?

A wrong number on the telephone. Someone wanting a Mr Dean.


Went to church, had a lovely time. The medium used the words 'you never know what you are going to get' which is exactly the phrase I had used at a job interview, one where I didn't get the job. Not meant to be. I met a new friend called Jenny who gave me a lift to Iceland and waited patiently while I did a bit of shopping and then proceeded to drive me home to my front door! Thank you Universe for a fabulous lift.


Brings the final week of College, I will be half way through this year's Diploma Course. 

The session was smooth and pleasant. I enjoyed the experience. My son called round for dinner. It was lovely to see him.


Cars gave way to me, on my pedestrian travels, various cars of different shapes and sizes, some friendly drivers, some waving me on impatiently, but giving way nonetheless.


Asked for Directions to the Ridgeway. Do I know it? Well, I went for an interview there this week, so, yes, I really do know it. I pointed the young man to the end of the road, told him to turn right at the traffic lights and the road he needed was practically parallel to where we were standing when he asked me. As he headed off I realised there was actually a short cut and a quicker way to get to his destination, so I called him back, I had to shout at the top of my voice, him being a young man he had hoofed off in the direction I sent him. The wind carried my voice and he returned to hear the shortcut version. I continued my journey, reminded I am the person who knows the way.

Lots of love and light to everyone who needs it.

Tamasin x

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Playing with the universal rules - getting me to the Church on time

Well, I was in a rush, of course, naturally, but I still put the idea 'out there'.  I needed to get to Church on time. I haven't been to Church for six months because I have been working on a Wednesday. The Universe conspired to free me up on a Wednesday,  I was trying to get to a Church which is roughly a mile and a half away, as well as fit in a damp report, which I was told would take about 30 minutes.

 The damp report guy was due at 1.30pm, the church service began at 2.30pm. Can I rush the damp expert around, hoof it at full speed and get to church on time? 

I put it out there. To the Universe. I attempted to picture the possibility of a speedy damp report, followed by a smooth journey to church, to get me there on time.

The damp expert called, tapped some walls, drew a map of the flat, had a chat. I chatted as little as possible, aware that I was trying to get him in and out in thirty minutes. Then he realised he had made an error in his map drawing. Inwardly groaning, outwardly looking at my watch, I sat patiently, waiting for him to re-draw the plan of the damp walls. Time was ticking. 

Another little chat about why I don't do ballroom dancing, no, not my choice of topic of discussion, the damp expert is a regular ballroom king, led to me explaining I may not do ballroom,but I do like to go to church and how I was hoping to get there that afternoon. Guess who offered me a lift? That's right, the damp expert.

We had a lovely little journey in his car, he shared the coincidence of how he went on holiday from his home in Leigh on Sea to Sorento, only to get chatting in his hotel bar with a guy who also lives in Leigh on Sea.

I enjoyed the coincidence and I thanked the Universe for sending me an unexpected lift to Church.

Lots of love and light to everyone who needs it.

Tamasin x

Monday, 9 February 2015

Have we met? - my coincidental week

A busy week in the material world, I cannot tell you Blogger, how much information, how many events and how many new people flew through my material experience this week. But, take it from me, there have been a lot. In fact, there have been so many, I just know I have probably forgotten some of the seemingly unimportant coincidences which have happened to me. 

All Week: People Giving Way

I have been taking this for granted again, remiss of me. A reminder that the person sitting behind the steering wheel has been prompted by their Guardian Angel to stay sitting in their car for a few moments longer as I go about my business. There are many, many times when people don't give way, cars just fly by, without giving it a thought as to the pedestrians they are driving past. People who have often been walking in the cold, for hours, essential miles to travel, whether it is to collect their children from school,or taking trips to the chemist for medication for sick relatives, or just carrying their shopping home. I never used to really pay attention to people 'giving way', but I have made it a 'thing'. I send love to the person who has stopped and who has paid attention to my walking plight. Although, walking is good for me and I do enjoy a brisk stroll, I need to exercise every day, sometimes, especially when it is raining, or as we have enjoyed more recently, sleeting or snowing, the walking does feel like a bit of a chore. On my travels this week, which hasn't involved any more walking than usual, I have noticed a few cars giving way for me. For this I am grateful.

Monday: Coincidental Words: Keep Smiling

I do have a history of losing umbrellas, and finding them. Sometimes when least expected, like the time I was walking along in gale force winds, rain stinging my face and an umbrella blew to my feet, literally on my path which I naturally picked up and used as a shield against the wind, it helped a bit. I did send a little sympathetic thought to whoever must have lost their umbrella, but that didn't stop me thanking the Universe/Spirit for bringing me the brolly when I needed it. 

Well, this Monday morning I trotted along my local High Street, which isn't quite a High Street, more a Lower Middle Street where a mobility shop has popped up, with brollies in a bucket outside, solid brollies for a quid. I have recently lost my best brolly, although I have managed to hang onto it for a good couple of years, somehow I have managed to lose it, I can only imagine it has been given, by the Universe/Spirit, to someone who needed it more than I did. Seizing the opportunity to replenish my Brolly Stock, I nipped in and picked up a new, black, boring but sturdy, umbrella. I had a joke and a laugh with the guy in the shop 'Keep Smiling' he said to me.  I did smile, it was my Dad's favourite saying and my Mum signs her letters off with Keep Smiling. Fabulous. another little reminder there is more going on in the world than meets the eye.

Tuesday: Coincidental Name and Place

Well, first task on the first day of a different job, receiving an email from someone called Tasmin, about a property in Ditton Court Road. My name is Tamasin, guess where I live?

Wednesday: Paul Young

I know there is going to be some drama when I hear this name. Don't ask me why, this is just one of those weird anomolies in life. Where did I hear this name this week? Well, it was on the radio, a quiz show, the caller knew the name of the song he was being played, but he couldn't recall the name of the artist. I enjoyed the 'Wherever I lay my Hat' tune again.

A Wrong Number

I notice this because it is fun. The landline hardly ever rings, unless of course it is someone trying to sell something. So I was quite surprised to pick the phone up to hear a man's voice 'I don't suppose this is the Portugese restaurant?' I confirmed for him that he is right, this isn't the restaurant, but I can book him a table for 8? We both laugh, a pleasant, makes a change, exchange on the telephone.

Thursday: Coincidental People

I trotted along to a drama group on Tuesday evening, with a new found friend I am at college with (on a counselling Diploma). I had a lovely time, I sat in a circle and read from a script, written by a young guy called Daniel, another name which often features on my path, I sat next to a man called Darren.We were both reading parts of this script. 

It was about a guy called Rob (there's a surprise) who threatened to shoot himself, amongst a lot of other drama about a girl who didn't want him and I was the person who had to calm him down and try and talk him out of it. Talk about drama mirroring life, or is that vice versa? Whichever. I did have a brother called Rob, and he did actually kill himself. 

As I read the words, I found myself being able to deal with the scenario. I have moved on from my grief. I have actually dealt with the painful feelings. There was a time, not so long ago, when I wouldn't have even been able to read a script like this without feeling upset and some level of distress. I also knew that Daniel had been prompted to write this script, using the name Rob, and I was meant to be in that place at that time to be able to test my strength of emotional well being. I have been shown by spirit that I am in a stronger, healthier place and I have moved on. 

Fast forward to Thursday and I was walking through Southend, headed towards a public loo to change into my waterproof boots. I noticed a man walking towards me who looked familiar, we both recognised the connection at the same time. It was Darren again, he was surprised as I was. 160,000 people in this town, and yet our paths crossed in the same week we have met. This is the sort of synchronicity which if you put it into a play or a film, people would find it too unlikely to actually be able to happen.

Saturday: Being Asked for Directions

My Spiritual nature is kicking back in. I am in touch with my Self. There can be no doubt. Being asked for directions, for me, is confirmation that spirit are in touch, putting me in the right place, at the right time, to be able to be of assistance to someone who doesn't know the way. It has happened again. 

There I was, having just stepped out of the opticians in my new varifocals. Practising, if you will,blogger, practising at walking in my new glasses. Looking down I can't see very far, but if I look up I can see the whites of the eyes of pilots flying overhead. So, I was literally just having a little walkabout, in a street which I wouldn't normally be drawn to, nor would it be part of my regular routine walk. 

A woman walking towards me said

'Can you help me?'

'I can' I say. 

I don't bother with the usually British game of saying stupid things like 'I don't know, can I?' or 'I might'. I know not to play games, especially with people who have the strength to ask for help. I smile at her and I know that I can help her. I can. This is why I help people. Because I can. There is no agenda, there is nothing being asked in return. I just help.

'Do you know where the train station is?' She asks in faltering English, but she has a determined nature about her. I say I am headed that way, I will show her, rather than try and explain in English, which she may not wholly understand how she needs to spot the opening for an alleyway, up some stairs, cross a bridge and back on to herself, 200 yards up the road, etc. So I walk her to the stairs and do some arm waving and pointing. I think she got it.

In the meantime I know to find the Other Link. The coincidence between us,or the purpose of her journey. So as we walk, I ask her where she is going in London?  She doesn't know the words in English, she cannot remember the names of where she is going.  Bit like me, I thought, yes, sums it up nicely. I don't really know where I am going.

Sunday: The Butterfly

I am really enjoying my renewed connection with the Law of Attraction beliefs. I do believe the Law of Attraction is really another way of measuring our faith in Spirit/The Universe. I have been playing with the Universe this week, so I have been expecting the unknown. I was still surprised though, to see a butterfly appear, February 8th, to be exact, not butterfly season, but there it was, in the park, waiting patiently for me to take a photo. I thank the Universe and look forward to coming attractions.

Sunday: Being Mistaken for Someone Else

I went shopping in Sainsburys. I was meant to ask for cashback but when I got to the till, the operator diverted my attention. 

'Have I served you already today?'
me: 'Ummm, No'
Till Operator with Stunned Face: 'I served you earlier today?'
me: 'No' with an imperceptible shake of the head I try and explain that this is definitely my first trip to Sainsburys today. 'Maybe it is my glasses, same glasses?'
Till Op: 'Same glasses, same hair, same face'
me: 'Oh. There is someone who looks like me?'
Till Op: 'Just like you, and she is around here'
me: 'I will look out for her! I probably won't recognise her' 
We shared a laugh. I went about my daily business feeling less unique, less special, but also, perhaps extraordinary in that I have, yet again, been mistaken for someone else.

So, blogger, my week has been filled with coincidence,synchronicity,memorable events,both expected and unexpected. I feel very grateful to be aware of these events in my world, knowing that Spirit is nudging me life along, guiding and helping, knowing that none of us are alone in our life experience, all we have to do is notice when Spirit is trying to get our attention or ask something from us.

Lots of love and light to everyone who needs it.

Tamasin x