Thursday, 3 January 2013

Just around the corner

Swept up in the busy, busy, material world that happens whenever a life change is imminent...a new job looms on the horizon, spiritual matters take a back seat.  It takes extra effort to remember the spiritual side of life when you have legitimate concerns about the unknown.  Not just everyday concerns and worries, like whether your work uniform will be dry in time to wear it for work, no, the sort of concerns that come with making major changes in life. Am I taking the right path? Am I doing the right thing?  Yes, so, this is me at the moment. On the cusp of leaving the co-op and on the brink of a new little world within the PDSA.  

It is a strange place to be at the start on the year, ending a job, but also a good place to be at the beginning of a year, a new workplace.  Yes, I am very fortunate indeed.  However, feeling in need of a little spiritual nourishment I took myself off to church for a Wednesday afternoon singsong.  The usual medium wasn't there, she had sick staff and so had to stay at her hairdressers to cover for them.  No, it was old hand Ivy Furlong who gives a beautiful address and fantastic messages, all at short notice and without so much as batting an eyelid.

This week, Ivy reminded us that it is our own inner sensitivity and ability to feel that allows us to be compassionate and empathic with other people who have emotional needs.  Yes, this is true, if we didn't know how it felt ourselves, how would we be able to be empathise?

My little message was lovely.  I was given some names that have meaning and Ivy said 'there is a little job that is causing some anxiety'  I confirmed yes, this is indeed the case.  Ivy said 'there are doors opening for you, and what is beyond the door is delightful'  okay then.  Well, when I accepted the job offer, I did say to my new boss that I would be delighted to accept the position.  

I came out of church feeling serene, comforted and armed with the knowledge that there are and always will be doors opening for me, Ivy also said 'in your life, there will always be something around the corner'. 
Walking down the road after church a young lady approached me, with a clamshell mobile phone in one hand and dangling her handbag in the other. I just knew she was going to be asking me for directions 'do you know the way to the NHS primary health clinic?'  yes, 'it is just around the corner'.

Lots of love and light to everyone who needs it.

Tamasin x

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