Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Coincidental names

A New Year, a New Start.  A new job awaits as I begin 2013.  Not much has occurred spiritually for me this week, or maybe it has and I have just ignored it.  Working at the Co-Op I often have time for a little chat with the customers. Not always, sometimes the queue is so demanding there is only time for a curt 'would you like cashback' at the end of the transaction.  But when I do have time for a little social interaction, often the subject matter is something that is deep and meaningful for the person having the conversation.

Oh yes, there was a little coincidence this week.  I was standing behind the till wearing my name badge 'Tammy' and working alongside a colleague wearing her name badge 'Tina'.  A young woman walked in, she took in the view and expressed her surprise. She has never seen this combination of names together before, her name is Tammy and her Mum is called Tina.  Tina and I just looked at her blankly, as you do after four hours of packing shopping in carrier bags, but she said it made her day and I believe her.

Lots of love, peace, good health and happiness in 2013.

Tamasin x

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