Monday, 25 April 2011

Goodbye to Sai Baba. Gone but not forgotten.

Easter Monday, glorious weather, a Royal Wedding in the offing and pleasant, peaceful times in our country. How lucky are we?  Very.

Sai Baba, the Indian Holy man has died.  On Easter Sunday.  A day of mourning has been declared and his body will be held in a state of grace before a burial, I do believe on Wednesday.  I blogged about Sai Baba a couple of weeks ago. I thought he was at the end of his life cycle.  I didn't know he had been ill, I just sort of put two and two together and came up with five. 

The belief that Sai follows is one of reincarnation, he has a vast following in India, he has books written about him and for him and his presence brings people calm and healing. Devotees travel for hundreds of miles, sometimes thousands to be brought to him for healing or to be given some knowledge that they need.  Sai Baba spoke to Neil Armstrong about his journey to the Moon.  Sai asked Neil if he felt a hand on his shoulder as he climbed down the ladders to take his first step and put his foot down. Apparently, and I am not sure where this report came from, Neil agreed that he did feel a slight pressure on his shoulder. Sai told him 'that was me'.    

There have been stories around Sai that involve him producing a strange grey ash from out of thin air. This ash has been known to show up on pictures of him in places all over the world.  I was fortunate enough to be sent a small envelope of ash via a friend and I cannot remember what I used it for. I think I performed some sort of prayer/ritual and dabbed it on my forehead.  I have always felt a connection with Sai Baba, from the first time I ever heard and read about him.  I do believe that was about 15 years ago, when Sai would have been about 70, but he honestly only looked about 50 years of age.  There was something about him that led me to read his books and know that he knew of things about which we have yet to learn.

Knowing that someone else has gone before and performed 'feats' beyond what is supposed to be possible and who has conjured up apparent miracles in order to satisfy the curious and sceptical, at the same time in the background he has worked to help thousands of people by giving them hope that there is more to this life than can be seen with the eye, reminds me that sometimes the circus style performance is necessary to satisfy the doubting Thomas among the audience so as to be able to carry on helping people who already believe.

Chase 1888 - for those who believe, no proof is necessary, for those who don't, there is never enough evidence.

Rest in Peace Sai and I thank you for all the work that you did while you were on planet earth.  xx

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