Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Cherry Blossom C, ESP and the Moon in Aquarius

Tuesday after bank holiday.  Sun has gone, plenty of cloud, well, if it has to rain then really it is better if it falls before the Royal Wedding on Friday.

My little day so far has not gone according to any sort of plan.  The Moon is in Aquarius.  The moon was in Aquarius at the time I was born and so I find strange and wonderful on these days.  So far the strange and wonderful has been brought to me via the post, via text, via fallen cherry blossom.  Yes, cherry blossom.

I had arranged to have a friend round for coffee this morning, thinking my son C (Charles, Charlie, Chaz to his mates) was back to sixth form college. I was wrong, C has only gone in for a mock exam in Physics.  The postman brings a copy bank statement I need for C's financial application to Student Finance for his Uni fees. So as I trot up to the photocopier place on the corner to copy my bank statements I hear from friend about her delay at the docs and she can't make it until 11 ish, by which time C will be home.  To revise. For his exams. Hm.  Feeling slightly disjointed, Moon in Aquarius has this effect on me, I text my friend and explain that she is welcome to call round as long as she is aware that my son will be at home by then.

I step over a little card someone has dropped and my attention is drawn to the big black printed letters on the card ESP.  E.S.P.  hmmm I am missing something?  As I am walking along the path I notice the piles of Cherry Blossom blown off the trees have formed a really swirling pattern on the pavement.  I take a photo, because this is one of my hobbies, taking little pictures of things that amuse me, yes, I think it is a C.  A big, swirly, C.   I take this as a reminder that today I need to focus on my son, both to be here when he comes back from his exam, to commiserate about how awful the experience undoubtedly will have been, followed by a source of encouragement to revise. 

I also need to organise a little trip to the post office to send off 30 pages to the Student Finance and get a recorded delivery to ensure the application actually gets there. 

I can see my friend for coffee tomorrow.  Today, I will be focusing on being as much use to my son as I can.

Love and light to everyone who needs it, and remember, the Universe whispers to you all the time with natural signs, symbols, birds, butterflies, rainbows, squirrels and all manner of leaf and feather work!

Tamasin x

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