Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Coincidental meetings. Paths that cross for a reason.

Have you seen the film with Matt Damon, The Adjustment Bureau?  A lovely little film which delves into the lives of Guardian Angels as they try and steer us in the right direction on our daily paths.

It is so hard to imagine that there is a higher intelligence organising and orchestrating our every move, but when synchronicity unfolds in front of you, it is harder to deny.  Seeing it for yourself, a series of events, a set of circumstances that had to happen for you to bump into someone you know, the feeling of something happening because it was meant to, becomes easier to believe.

This is what happens to me and I love the coincidence of bumping into someone unexpectedly, and knowing that our paths were meant to cross.  Often the reason does not become clear at the time, and that is fine, sometimes communication between people happens at a level of which we are not aware ourselves.

One of my friends was meant to be going away for the week, but due to unforeseen circumstances, her trip was cancelled.  Leaving her free for the week and at a loose end.  Off we went, into town, a little browse, some shopping and naturally a coincidental meeting with people we didn't expect to see.

Walking along, having just bumped into my friend's ex-work colleague and having had a conversation in a Supermarket car park, the pair of them enjoyed a little catch up.  Words were spoken, pleasantries exchanged and a real-life interaction took place.  Did I mention the free parking?  The parking meter was out of order in Sainsburys!  yay for free parking!  Leaving us free to stroll about without having to keep one eye on the parking meter.

My friend put her landlord's prescription in, her good deed for the day, as we left the chemist, I saw another old friend in a little world of  her own outside the shop.  160,000 people in this town and I am standing with two of them, who also know each other!  It has been three years, nothing has changed. We have all got older, wiser, fatter and with teenage children there is just the question of our own careers to chat about.  Well, my old friend works with Learning Disabilities care homes.  So does my friend I am shopping with.  Turns out, they work for the same Home and yet their paths have never crossed.  It took a trip to town and a coincidental meeting to uncover the synchronicity of their lives.

Lots of love and light to everyone who needs it.

Tamasin x

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