Sunday, 28 July 2013

5p for your thoughts? An Angel's calling card.

Angels. I cannot remember the last time I blogged about Angels. I am sure I have dropped my beliefs about Angels into my blogs. I fear I may have been a little remiss by not mentioning Angels as often as I should.

Perhaps it is because Angels are in my life a lot. I communicate with Angels when I am reminded of them. Which is naughty, really, isn't it? Like only speaking to a friend when you need something. I am making a new promise, to blog about the experience, no matter how small the reminder, whenever an Angel notice wends into my world.

When I say Angel 'notice', I mean something that brings my attention to Angels and their presence. These are the same notifications for everyone. A quick search of google and you will find people all over the world who consider the arrival of unexpected feathers to be a sign from Angels. Some people notice pennies on their path, or coins of any denomination. In the UK the 5p is the smallest coin and being silver in colour it often shows up on my path. It was this 5p yesterday, blogger, that reminded me of my spiritual connection with my Mum. 

My Mum lives three hundred miles away, I saw her last year and I am trying to arrange to see her this year, but, literally, years can go by when we aren't able to see each other. In the meantime we write, using snail mail, which, to be fair, is actually quite quick. I write to her about my little world and the goings on and she writes back with pictures she has drawn or poems she has written, about my life. Which is lovely. The 5p started showing up in her world and then mine, usually during the same week. My Mum takes this as a message from someone specific in spirit, her Dad, my Granddad. So, now I too am enjoying the 5ps showing up.

What has this got to do with Angels? Well, my Mum has been ill this year, she has now been diagnosed with Essential Tremor, which is an unpleasant shaking, made worse by caffeine, stress, anger, all the things that she has suffered from for many years. My Mum always asks Angel Raphael for help, he is the Angel who helps with healing our physical complaints. I recently walked past a shop with a beautiful Angel book in the window all about Angel Raphael. I was guided/pushed to buy the book and post it to my Mum. She was over the moon to receive this book through the post. She had been asking Raphael for help, specifically that Angel, and the same week, I sent her a book in the mail. I didn't know she has been praying and asking Raphael for help, she hadn't told me she was suffering, and not being on her doorstep, I wasn't to know. So, I am glad I was guided to send the book and I send prayers of gratitude not just for the author who put the book together, but to the publishers who created such a beautiful work of art which offers hope and love to anybody fortunate enough to browse the pretty coloured artwork and be able to read the beautiful words.

Lots of love and light to everyone who needs it.

Tamasin x

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