Monday, 18 July 2011

Seeing someone who looks like someone I know

You know those strange experiences that some people have more than others?  Like, walking towards the phone because you know it is about ring? Or, fumbling around in your handbag looking for your mobile literally seconds before the ringtone starts.  Getting up to answer the door just before someone knocks.

Things like that. 

Thinking of someone and then they call, email, text or you bump into them? 

Hearing someone say a name of someone you know, which reminds you of that person and then hearing from the person you were thinking of.

Well, I have had a new version of these events today.  I saw someone who looked virtually identical to my friend 'V'.  She was standing outside Southend Magistrates Court, smoking a fag.  Long dark hair blowing in the wind and she fought to keep her hair out of her lit cigarette.  I took in the rest of her, she was wearing calf high black leather boots with silver hook-eyes up the front. Punky.

 It wasn't 'V'.  But she looked just like her. I carried on my walk into town as I was on a hunt for a second hand book list, I headed through Victoria Circus shopping centre (now re-named Vicky, but old habits die hard). Who should walk in front of me, with her long hair fighting in the wind?  'V'.  The real one.  The one I had just been reminded of. 

It felt very strange.  I cannot remember ever bumping into 'V' before, in Southend.  I don't know why our paths crossed this way, I just know that it another one of those weird events for which I have no explanation.

Lots of love and light to everyone who needs it. 

Tamasin x

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