Thursday, 19 February 2015

Journal of coincidences/Positive events 9th February 2015


Beautiful sunny day, although a bit brisk. A day to let go of stress, a day of healing, stretching, spiritually, being open to all that spirit have to offer. A day for self-reflection and self-awareness.


I went for a long walk. I enjoyed taking up my old hobby of  snapping photos of random things which showed up on my path. There were lots of them today, six white doves, yes, six, first time I have seen six white doves, anywhere. Two magpies, a white feather, nowhere near the white doves,one robin, a squirrel (which came right up to close to say hello), three black cats in separate locations, one tabby cat which rolled at my feet and showed me a beautiful, vulnerable tummy. So many lost gloves and hats, I lost count, but I did take snaps just to add to my collection. 

I considered going to visit my friend called Ellie, but I changed my mind on the way round there and swerved off to the park to absorb the healing vibrations of fauna and flora. On my way home a lady walking her beautiful, blonde haired labrador stopped for a chat. She spoke about her dog in that loving way only committed dog owners can. 

'What's her name?' I was prompted to ask.
 'Ellie' she said. 

I had a little chuckle, I did explain that I was going to visit my friend called Ellie but I had changed my mind, I don't think it meant anything to her,but it may have done, often people don't like to admit that they find any significance in coincidence. I also had a chat with the owner of a little brown chocolate dog called Bella. No coincidence involved, but who knows who could show up tomorrow?

A wrong number on the telephone. Someone wanting a Mr Dean.


Went to church, had a lovely time. The medium used the words 'you never know what you are going to get' which is exactly the phrase I had used at a job interview, one where I didn't get the job. Not meant to be. I met a new friend called Jenny who gave me a lift to Iceland and waited patiently while I did a bit of shopping and then proceeded to drive me home to my front door! Thank you Universe for a fabulous lift.


Brings the final week of College, I will be half way through this year's Diploma Course. 

The session was smooth and pleasant. I enjoyed the experience. My son called round for dinner. It was lovely to see him.


Cars gave way to me, on my pedestrian travels, various cars of different shapes and sizes, some friendly drivers, some waving me on impatiently, but giving way nonetheless.


Asked for Directions to the Ridgeway. Do I know it? Well, I went for an interview there this week, so, yes, I really do know it. I pointed the young man to the end of the road, told him to turn right at the traffic lights and the road he needed was practically parallel to where we were standing when he asked me. As he headed off I realised there was actually a short cut and a quicker way to get to his destination, so I called him back, I had to shout at the top of my voice, him being a young man he had hoofed off in the direction I sent him. The wind carried my voice and he returned to hear the shortcut version. I continued my journey, reminded I am the person who knows the way.

Lots of love and light to everyone who needs it.

Tamasin x

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