Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Playing with the universal rules - getting me to the Church on time

Well, I was in a rush, of course, naturally, but I still put the idea 'out there'.  I needed to get to Church on time. I haven't been to Church for six months because I have been working on a Wednesday. The Universe conspired to free me up on a Wednesday,  I was trying to get to a Church which is roughly a mile and a half away, as well as fit in a damp report, which I was told would take about 30 minutes.

 The damp report guy was due at 1.30pm, the church service began at 2.30pm. Can I rush the damp expert around, hoof it at full speed and get to church on time? 

I put it out there. To the Universe. I attempted to picture the possibility of a speedy damp report, followed by a smooth journey to church, to get me there on time.

The damp expert called, tapped some walls, drew a map of the flat, had a chat. I chatted as little as possible, aware that I was trying to get him in and out in thirty minutes. Then he realised he had made an error in his map drawing. Inwardly groaning, outwardly looking at my watch, I sat patiently, waiting for him to re-draw the plan of the damp walls. Time was ticking. 

Another little chat about why I don't do ballroom dancing, no, not my choice of topic of discussion, the damp expert is a regular ballroom king, led to me explaining I may not do ballroom,but I do like to go to church and how I was hoping to get there that afternoon. Guess who offered me a lift? That's right, the damp expert.

We had a lovely little journey in his car, he shared the coincidence of how he went on holiday from his home in Leigh on Sea to Sorento, only to get chatting in his hotel bar with a guy who also lives in Leigh on Sea.

I enjoyed the coincidence and I thanked the Universe for sending me an unexpected lift to Church.

Lots of love and light to everyone who needs it.

Tamasin x

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