Friday, 15 July 2011

Finding a Book on a set reading list and someone asked me for directions to the Supermarket

Well, a little trek out of my way on the hunt for a reading list.  A list of books that I am meant to be reading for a Course that begins in October with the Open University.  My new quest for the summer is to find the books I need second-hand.  I am not paying for brand new books.  I have ten books to find and today, Friday 15th July was the second time I headed out in search of the holy grails.

I walked up the London Road, away from Southend, I visited the charity shop by Waitrose and browsed their shelves.  A fabulous book on Mythology beckoned me, but I managed to resist.  £15.00 rrp for a complete dictionary of all things Mythic a snip at £1.25. I may have to go back tomorrow.  My love of books is calling me, that is exactly the book I would love to have on my bookshelf if I had a spare fifteen quid.

I steel myself, and reign in my urge to splurge on books other than the set reading list.  I carry on towards Hadleigh, the shop run for Barnardos children's home always has good books.  Book Number Three on my List is 'Junk'  and there it is.  99p as opposed to the £10.00 if I bought it on-line.  The bright lime green cover calling my attention from the childrens shelf.  It is childrens literature, even though it is about  descent into drug addiction.

While I am there the guy who runs the shop is on the phone and you know, because I don't like to disturb, I cannot help but pick up another couple of books, 'The Crying Tree' and 'Five people you meet in Heaven'.  They are both irresistible to me and I could easily buy half a dozen books while I am there. Again, I steel myself and just take the three books.  The guy on the phone is having a conversation about a house in Devon and how he wants some time off but he is waiting for someone to start before he can book his vacation. My ears prick up. Is this news of a vacancy?  I will keep my eyes peeled and head back there next week to see how they are getting on and have a rummage in the book basket outside.

It is quite hot today and my feet are tired from the walking in the heat.  I take a slow stroll home and I cut down past Waitrose and along the back way, mainly just for a change of scenery rather than walk along the main London Road.  I am walking on the left hand side of the road with my Ipod in and I notice an old lady with her tall, squarish trolley, actually trying to attract my attention from the other side of the road!

I wait for the traffic travelling at the speed of light to ease up and I cross safely between a Mini and a cyclist.  The old lady says
'are you a resident?'
I raise my eyebrows in a questioning fashion.  resident?  of what?  I have visions of an institution.
'are you a resident of the area?' she barks with the authority of a woman in her eighties on a mission
''I live here, yes' I nod, wondering what local information will be needed


she wants to know if she walks up Madeira Avenue will it take her to the road with Waitrose supermarket on it.

'yes, straight up there, and turn right, it is not too far away once you get to the top' I wave my arms in the general direction of where she needs to go.

'thank you'
she actually seems genuinely grateful.

I head off, the last leg of my journey, armed with my precious finds is made a little easier having been reminded that I must be a person who looks like they know the Way.

No, I didn't bother to find out her purpose at Waitrose. I didn't have the energy or the footpower to hang around any longer than absolutely necessary.

Love and light to everyone who needs it.

Tamasin x

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