Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Two magpies, a Black Cat and someone asked me the Way

A little walk to the park brought me a few of my favourite things.  First of all, I stepped out of the house to see a pair of magpies on the path in front of me. Two magpies.  Two for joy.   My step is a little lighter as I cross over the road so as not to disturb them and a little black cat runs across my path. 

Lovely.  A black cat is always a symbol of good luck. As I walk along Fairfax Drive to the park I am having a little muse as to the meaning of these symbols that show up in my world.  A little red car travelling next to me, pulls over and does a U-turn, blocking my path.

A harassed woman, all pink in the face leans over from the driver seat and winds the window down.  Two small tots are sleeping in the back.

'do you know where Prittlewell Chase is?'  she says and I can tell from her tone of voice and flustered demeanor that she has been struggling with this for a while!

'it's behind you!' I have a little joke to lighten the mood.  Fortunately, she is not so far gone that she cannot appreciate my little joke, and she has a laugh.   I point the lady in the right direction and she is relieved, both to have found someone who knows where she is meant to be going and also that she is so close to her destination.
'thank you, I have been going round in circles!'.  She turns her tiny car back the way she was facing before she turned it around and headed off, happy.

Yes, I am reminded again that I am the person who knows the way.  I had sort of promised myself that next time someone asks me for directions I will try and elicit information as to exactly where they are going, so I can find the link, the connection, you know, that extra step that connects us all together.  Was she headed to Prittlewell Chase looking for the Hospital there?  was she looking for one of three Senior Schools, all located on the same road?  I will never know.  I should have said 'are you looking for the Hospital?' .  I haven't mastered this bit yet.  The bit where a further coincidence is allowed to unfold. 

I have mastered the giving directions to complete strangers bit.  I have also mastered the 'lightening the mood' bit.   I will consider it a new challenge for my little world to try and delve a bit deeper into the questions I am asked.

Love and light to everyone who needs it.

Tamasin x

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