Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Wherever I lay my hat

I have promised myself that I will try and blog even the slightest coincidence. I do believe synchronicity is a kind of magic, I find it truly magical. I enjoy coincidence nearly as much as a beautiful sunrise or the full moon. When life transpires to bring us a little quirk of fate, whether it be something lucky and beneficial or just something to be curious about, I am reminded  there is more to life than just random atoms crashing around.

Yesterday Paul Young crossed my path (again). Paul Young references started showing up so often  I gave him his own label in my blogs, then I thought 'don't be silly, as if there are going to be any more Paul Young coincidences, tsk' and I changed the label to Coincidental People. I will go back and undo the error of my ways, of course this regularly repeating phenomena deserves a label.

So, what happened was this. Yesterday I blogged about conversations with strangers and how spirit can bring social interactions into our lives to help us, or help them, and how I was going to blog about all the little snippets of conversation and communication which comes my way. You know when you have been touched by spirit because the conversation feels a bit weird. You walk away feeling a little bit odd. As though something has happened but you don't know what.

Anyway, as I say, Paul Young crossed my path, not literally this time, last time he stepped out of Greggs bakers in front of me and we exchanged a few words. Yes, actually Paul Young, the singer from the 80s crossed my path in Southend High Street. My son was at Uni at the time, and he had been along to a 'Freshers' introduction to Uni and given a vinyl record. The particular record someone chose to hand him was a song by Paul Young, 'Living in the love of the common people'. I have no idea why Paul Young is being used by Spirit, but I enjoy the coincidence. Back to yesterday, I will get to the end of this story eventually, I promise. I had been for a job interview. You know the type. A minimum wage job. Be grateful. No, in fact, don't just be grateful, be eternally surprised if you are so much as offered a four hour contract.

Walking home, a little downhearted, the economy isn't being helpful in my job searching. A woman and her husband stepped out onto my path as they left a charity shop. The woman was holding a newly purchased vinyl record ...guess who? That's right, Paul Young. Q-tip. I laughed and chose to share my Paul Young coincidence with them.  I said 'Last time Paul Young stepped out on my path, it was actually the man himself' they both laughed and I shared my experience with them. 

I love the mystery of timing and being in the right place at the right time. Some people call this Destiny, some call it Fate, I like to think of it as being rewarded by the Universe, a little nod in my direction that my efforts aren't going unnoticed. There are a whole group of guardian angels, spirit guides, loved ones in spirit who also want to be remembered. So, when I have a little coincidence I thank spirit for helping me along my path, no matter how difficult my day is, my spirits are always lifted by these reminders. My walk home was made quicker and lighter from the coincidence and I know that whether I get this particular job or not, there will always be something else coming up, even if it is a little further down the road.

Lots of love and light to everyone who needs it.

Tamasin x

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