Thursday, 15 August 2013

An abandoned bike and a request for money for bus fare.

Some strange sights on my travels yesterday blogger. Firstly, I was traipsing home from Southend after a psychometric online testing at the Government Work Programme and I saw a man abandon his bike in a hedge. Yes, just abandon it. He had been trying to ride it, but it had a puncture. You know when the tyre actually comes off the wheel? That. He just gave up. 

I found it quite astounding that he would abandon his whole bike just because of one tyre that needed mending. 

It also crossed my mind to help myself to his bike, but I had second thoughts, in case he had second thoughts and turned round and caught me taking it. So I didn't. 

I did feel as if I was in one of those tv programmes, you know, the Eye Spy type programme by Stephen Fry, the one where the hidden cameras catch people taking bicycles. So I continued up the road, minding my own business.

No more than a few metres along and another man approached me. He gave me a sob story about how his car had broken down and he hadn't been let on a bus because he didn't have £3.50. He showed me his iphone and a set of car keys (no broken down car to be seen) as if to prove he has money 'Do I look like a vagrant?' he asked. Well, now you ask...

I had trouble keeping a straight face as I explained he had asked someone without funds and if I was in a position to help, I would. I pointed him in the direction of Sally's Curiosity Shop, nice people, who really should have more access to funds than I have got.

What did I take away from this interaction? I have learnt to recognise a person who is trying it on. I would say he didn't have a broken down car and getting people to part with a few quid is easier than asking for tenners.

On a metaphysical level, is the Universe telling me to tidy up my appearance and the message is, money goes to money, birds of a feather flock together, no-one employs people who aren't already working. It is the same old story. The Law of Attraction, if you haven't got money, you have no hope of attracting any. If you haven't got love, how are you going to get anyone to offer you love if you aren't offering anything back? Yes, love is easy to get, it grows from within. Money, however is a commodity which doesn't grow on trees, needs to be treated with respect and definitely doesn't need to be given away to pay for someone else's bus fare.

Lots of love and light to everyone who needs it.

Tamasin x

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