Sunday, 26 June 2011

Four crows and a queue in Top Shop

My son has two more exams to go.  The last two exams.  13 years of education will come to an end tomorrow.   One exam, his A2 in Physics is a harsh exam to take.  The final exam, AEA is an extra test, demanded by the University of Warwick.  It is a Maths paper for which my son can do no revision. There is no course work, but with his A level knowledge of Maths and Further Maths, apparently this is something he should be able to do.  He will be sitting this exam in isolation, and he is the only person in his year taking this exam. Okay then.

Getting out of the house on Saturday, to leave my son in peace and quiet to do his last revision EVER!  Yay!  I walked into town to find a box of rice krispies.  Charlie decided he doesn't like the cereals he has been eating for the last six months and he would rather have rice krispies.  I am not arguing.  Yes, he is 18, yes, rice krispies are designed for fun loving seven year olds, yes, he is under exam pressure. He can eat what he wants.  So, off I go, again, mainly minding my own business and I notice a crow on a roundabout.  A busy roundabout. I take a pic and as I put my camera away I catch sight of a charity shop window.  Three crows, in the window.  Little ornaments!  That makes Four crows.  I really hope that my son will get good grades in all Four of his Five A Levels and then we will both have Four things to crow about. 

I head into town, buoyed up by the idea that there will be something to crow about and I go and collect my pre-ordered Philosophy Book from Waterstones.  Bobby George, the old darts player is in there, flogging his new book "Doubles for Dough".  Personally, I would have called it Dough for Doubles, but, you know, whatever floats your boat.  I took his picture, but strangely the picture didn't come out on my phone.  Just like the picture of three crows in a window didn't come out.  I will take another little walk to the charity shop and hope the crows are still there!  Bobby George won't be there again though. I don't know what is up with my phone. Maybe changing to Tesco phone provider doesn't suit it.

I had a little look at the Summer Sales, queued for what felt like ages in Top Shop for son's t-shirt and socks, the person in front of me was returning something that had already been returned twice with no receipt and required the manager (yawn).  The delay led me to be walking along the high street in time to bump into an old friend!  Yay!  perfect timing.  A lovely chat, a swap of information and a recognition of timing, when you consider that she has three children, and was in town for clothes shopping with her teenage daughter.  Our paths cross for a reason.  I am reminded that we all have something to learn from each other, sometimes we are behind, sometimes we are ahead, but we are all part of the same game.

Lots of love and light to everyone who needs it.

Tamasin x

p.s. the young lady who sold me the Rice Krispies in Sainsburys is someone who Charlie was at Junior school with. 

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