Monday, 16 September 2013

The down town Tom Toms.

There I was, wrapped up in the middle of such a material, down to earth job, that any thoughts of spiritual matters really weren't on my agenda. I was working in retail, for Primark, an hour on the returns desk, followed by a stint on the fitting rooms and helping on the returns desk if a queue built up. So, I had a lot on my mind. A young man went into the changing room, his mum said she was tired and wondered where the seat had gone from outside the fitting rooms. Yes, last week there had been a nice seat for people to rest on, but not this week, no, this week the chair has been moved to the shoe section for people to sit on while they try shoes on. I wasn't using my chair, just wasting away behind the fitting room counter because I was busy flitting between two jobs. The mum of a young man took up my offer and plonked herself on my chair. She was a little older than myself  and I left her resting as I was called away to the returns desk.

After dealing with a few exchanges and returns I went back to the fitting room desk to find not one mum but two, another lady had joined the first one and her teenager was also trying clothes on. She called out to her son 'Tom, how do they look?'.  I laughed. I told her my Dad was called Tom, I explained I was going to be called Thomasina, but my mum put her foot down, one of the women said they called their son Thomasina when he was small because he was such a diva!

The first mum said 'Well, you have got two Toms now, next to each other in the fitting rooms'. They both had sons called Tom, getting changed, at the same time, in my fitting room.  Turns out these women were also both born in 1960.

We all enjoyed a good laugh and I shared with them the fact that I blog about coincidences, names, events, places and the idea that we live in a town of 160,000 people, what are the the chances of two Toms crossing my path at the same time. Turns out one of the women is also a Registrar and she also finds it fascinating the coincidences that she sees in her job of births, deaths and marriages, the coincidental names and dates that seem to weave a pattern through everyday lives.

Hearing of these two Tom Toms not only reminded me of my Dad, Tom, in spirit, it also reminded me of Spirit, and also a little thought about Tom Toms, I just recalled my Dad used to say the jungle drums are beating, when he was talking about people having a gossip or some news on the grapevine. So, I perked my ears up for some news and I vowed not to get involved in any gossip at the new job.

The coincidence lightened my afternoon and reminded me that I am not alone. People in spirit are always with us, around us, helping and loving us from spirit.

Lots of love and light to everyone who needs it.

Tamasin x

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