Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Reading tea leaves for people with coincidental names

I had a bad day, then I had another bad day, followed by a third bad day. In a row. Three in a row blogger. Fortunately, I then had a day of rest, a day to do whatever I wanted. Hoorah! So I decided to head out for a bit of exercise, fresh air, a commune with nature in Belfairs Park. Which was wonderful, even the rain could not deter me from enjoying my freedom. I nipped into a little cafe on my way home. Turns out I knew the owner, she used to be a customer of mine when I was working as an Assistant Manager for the PDSA retail shop. She has set up her own cafe, a little step back in time, back to the good old days of a tea shop where you can sit and chat with the owner. It is lovely. Her name is Leeana, which not only is unusual but is also very similar to a good friend of mine, Leanna. I note the coincidence but I don't mention it, I just pay attention.

While I was there I read her tea leaves, I had a little chat with a couple of her customers, neither of whom had ever had their tea leaves read. One of the customers also had a bad back so I demonstrated healing for him by giving him a little Reiki.  I always ask people their name, it really shouldn't have been of any surprise to me that his name was Robert. I am reminded of my brother in spirit and I offer up silent thanks for bringing me to this little cafe, where my efforts at tea leaf reading are appreciated.

Lots of love and light to everyone who needs it.

Tamasin x

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