Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Being asked for directions and a chicken called Daisy

It is the little things which keep me going blogger. You know, the little patterns in my life which I have given meaning to and they show up when I need them the most. 

The things like...being asked for directions, being called the wrong name, having a wrong number dialled on my phone, those little things which remind me of spiritual matters. Well, this has been a challenging week insofar as there has been a big gaping hole where my career/studies ought to be and I have been walking in circles. 

So, I was pleased to have a wrong number on my phone. A little reminder I haven't been forgotten by the Universe. Walking to work on a Saturday afternoon, feeling uncertain as to whether I would be on the refund counter and how I would get on at work when a man stumbled towards me, he was wearing a karate outfit on one of the hottest days ever recorded in September, he asked me for directions. He wanted to know where a road was at least two miles away, did I know it? Yes, I did, I offered him directions and the interaction lifted my spirits. 

I didn't manage the next stage of the interaction. I have promised myself to always enter into conversation with anyone asking me for directions, you know, so we can uncover any further link between us or between their reason for visiting a place I know well. But, as I say, I was on my way to work and my thoughts and feelings weren't in the best place to be thinking of coincidental matters. So, I gave him directions and went on my way. I headed to work, I had a challenging afternoon and one of the big bosses came down for a day visit. Everyone at work was on their best behaviour. Turns out, the big boss recognised me as someone he has seen at Westcliff Casino!  Bearing in mind I haven't been down there for over a year, I was really amazed that he would remember me. It also made my afternoon a little easier.

Scroll forward a few days and I find myself sitting in the Spiritualist Church, on the Wednesday afternoon. Yes, I got a message, the medium gave me the name Mary, and a painting. I explained that I had been in this month's edition of Spirit and Destiny, having been given the honour of a free psychic artist experience, Patrick Gamble had painted a picture of my mum's Gran, I believe, who was called Mary, I always get her confused with my Gran, and my Dad also had a Gran called Mary. The reason I get confused with these women in spirit is because I didn't have a lot of information about them as I was growing up, I just know that there are two women in spirit who are both called Mary, one is my mum's gran and the other could be my dad's mum or his gran, I am not sure. I am sure about the painting though and I enjoyed the message from the medium. I also had a conversation with a woman in church about her recent loss, it reminded me of the Counselling class I used to be part of. I studied Basic Counselling,Intermediate Counselling and Foundation Counselling. Yes, maybe this is a path I should continue?  I committed to finding out about the course. It would take another two years, it is a long journey to step out onto, but, really, after a degree with the Open University which took years, what is another two years? I have committed to being a lifelong learner, so what is there to lose?  I made the necessary enquiries and found myself sitting in Basildon College reception, waiting for the course leader to return from lunch.

Naturally I struck up conversation with another woman, also waiting. I wondered if we were waiting for the same person? No, she said she was waiting for Robert. I told her she had reminded me of my brother Robert, in Spirit, we both acknowledged the coincidence, which for me, obviously, holds personal meaning. 

Off I went, to interview for the course, followed by an enrolment with a team of admin people in Basildon, ten miles from  my home town of Southend, where the course is actually held. The young lady who took my form exclaimed 'You live in my road'. Yes, ten miles from home, I found myself having the admin for my counselling course carried out by one of my neighbours. Turns out, the young lady lives in the house with the chickens, three doors down the road from where I live. I usually stop and chat with her mum about Daisy the chicken and I always say hello when we pass in the street. It really is such a small world, but the coincidence was one of those times which just confirms for me that I am in the right place at the right time. 

Lots of love and light to everyone who needs it.

Tamasin x

p.s. I have met two people called Jane this week. Two new people in my world and they are both called Jane.

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