Thursday, 10 April 2014

Have you got the time?

Hello Blogger,

I feel as if I should apologise for my distinct lack of blogging. I have been remiss, again. Once again, I will try and do better.

*My Guardian Angel is raising an eyebrow*. Okay, spirit, I know the promise to do better is empty, I may try and do better, but I know I will not always succeed. That is okay, I know I am doing my best and I really cannot do any more than that.

So, a few weeks have passed since I blogged. Noticing coincidences is something this sometimes passes me by, or there is such a fleeting recognition, the old cognitive brain function fails to store the information away with enough certainty to be able to blog about it.

I have noticed the squirrels and the Robins on my path, I could not really have failed to notice them. Firstly on my way to yet another interview, albeit for a volunteering position, not a paid job, but they were there, not just one Robin, but three Robins, one after the other on three different streets. Yes, I remembered to thank Spirit for the help. I also noticed the white feathers floating down around my Son on his visit home from Uni. A reminder of the spiritual helps me to switch off from the material for long enough to really be there for him during his holidays.

These coincidences are almost by the by, the reason for my blogging is another phenomenon which seems to be occurring more frequently. I know I have noticed this during the last year, I am not sure I have ever blogged about it, but this last few months people keep asking me the time. 

Yes, in the day and age of google and smart phones, people have continued to ask me for something which they should, technically, already have. The time. Have I got the time? I don't know, have I?

I started noticing it last September (2013) when I started working in retail. I spent some hours working on the fitting rooms, which meant standing next to a phone on the wall, with the time on it. Youngsters working in the shop would often walk past asking me for the time. I recognised that a lot of young people don't wear watches, they don't need to, because they have smart phones, but there are no phones allowed on the shop floor. So, I didn't really think too much of it, until people on the street started doing it:

'Have you got the time?' 

I notice they hardly ever say please or thank you, perhaps this is something which is disappearing with the advent of communicating via IT, Social Media, non-face to face niceties which are no longer valued. 

But there it is. Have you got the time? A reminder that time is precious and to try and make every minute matter.

Lots of love and light to everyone who needs it.

Tamasin x

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