Saturday, 6 July 2013

Twenty Universal Laws (3) The Universal Law of Wisdom

The Universal Law of Wisdom, wisdom erases Karma

If you have the wisdom to learn your lessons through love and wisdom you can mitigate your suffering. Sadly, we seem to learn the fastest through pain, through directly experiencing the consequences of our actions. As an example, you greedily take from others, and instead of learning through wisdom and love that this is wrong, you have to experience from others someone greedily taking from you, whether later in this life or in a future lifetime.

Example: In your last life you were married to a Soul who is your mate today, and whom you cruelly left far another in that previous lifetime. Before you were born into your current life, you agreed to be left by your mate, under similar circumstances this will allow you to balance your Karma and directly experience the pain of abandonment. If through the wisdom of Master-Life-Awareness it is easier to detach consciously from the relationship with love, you will ease the pain of parting while also passing your own test, and thus absolving Karma and evolving from within.

Hello Blogger,

Day three. The Universal Law of Wisdom.  Wisdom erases Karma.  Quick, give me some Wise baby.  Okay, let me just pull apart these little words in an attempt to crack another Universal Law. 

 'If you have the wisdom to learn your lessons through love and wisdom you can mitigate your suffering.' 

I am guessing it takes wisdom to get to this point. Yes, a nice circular conundrum.  If you want to increase your wisdom, all it takes is for you to learn your lessons through love. That would increase your wisdom. Bringing love into any situation always seems like a positive direction to go in. Yes, a loving lesson is far more pleasant than a cold hard smack in the chops.

Why do people insist on learning through the pain and the direct consequences of their actions.  Well, I guess people like making mistakes, jumping headlong into life experience, the ill-fated marriage, the poor choice of business partner, if it weren't for these mistakes how could we repay our Karma and fulfil our Darma as per Universal Law Number Two?  Still, it is nice to know that there is an easier way. We don't have to experience direct pain, although that does really contradict law number two and the idea that we have agreed to reincarnate with the same souls over and over in order to hash out the finer details of being complete bastards to each other.  

I am also guessing, because I don't know how wise I am, that wisdom is something to be experienced in person. Wisdom is not something we can read about and voila, we are wise, nor is it something we can be told about and think we are wise because we know about wisdom. Wisdom surely must come from development within.  

A progression from the greedy, grasping toddler-like phase of me, me, me, we may evolve through being driven by ego-based desires and develop into a more centred, loving, giving, kinder adult. One of the ways we learn this is to experience what we don't want. By watching and learning from the behaviour of other people, from experiencing negative behaviour in others we also learn to appreciate the more harmonious qualities, giving us the choice to emulate the same, improved, more 'pleasing to be around' behaviour, or we can turn our backs on self-awareness and continue the path belonging to  me, me, me.  I guess this is wisdom. Attempting to deal with the challenges of life through a loving heart and mindset. Discarding the grey thinking, bringing pinkness and brightly coloured feelings of positivity and light.

Yes, lesson one. Do Unto Others as you would have done Unto You.  Not bad advice.

Lots of love and light to everyone who needs it.

Tamasin x 

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