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Twenty Universal Laws (4) The Universal Law of Grace

The Universal Law of Grace

Karma can be experienced to the letter of the law or in mercy and grace. In other words if you give love, mercy and grace to others, you will receive the same in return.

Hello Blogger,

Day 4.  Here I am, continuing my trek through the Universal Laws. There is a Law of Grace? Oh wow.  By giving grace, so will you receive.  

Yes, there are many areas of my life, personally where I have refused to forgive gracefully, it is a slow process all of this personal development. I can think of a few things which can be done gracefully, which are easier to write about than actually do.

Accepting defeat gracefully.
Accepting rejection gracefully.
Accepting help gracefully.

The first two are easy to understand aren't they?  Whenever you are defeated and a decision goes against you, it is easy to have a negative reaction, railing against the authorities, whether that is over the Bedroom Tax or receiving sanctions from the job centre for not turning up to sign on at the right time (pesky job interviews, tend to get in the way of trekking to the job centre).  

The same way, experiencing rejection, being rejected for one job after another, it is easy to understand a negative reaction, feelings or worthlessness and depression, being unable to see where any improvement is going to come about. Yes, it is easy to understand and follow the logic of the response.

Not so easy for many people is the idea that accepting help from other people is difficult

 'What is difficult about that?  Wow, you should be grateful for the help.  Right?' 

 No, not quite right.  Here is how it feels to have to accept help...

Accepting help from someone else, to do something which you should have the power to do for yourself, takes away your own personal power. It renders you powerless.  It takes away any responsibility, which also takes away any sense of power/control.  The choices which are made, aren't yours. The person giving the help is often expecting you to be grateful for this. 

Learning to accept help, with or without grace, is one step of the ladder, followed by accepting help with grace.  There are a whole range of negative states to progress through, from outright refusing offers of help, begrudgingly accepting offers of help, being resentful of needing any help, accepting the help but hating the person who is doing the offering (I promise you, people who do the offering, it may not be logical, but this is part of the process), through to being grateful for the help being given and eventually having grace to accept help.

Yes, so it is all a lot more complicated than you can imagine, to be on the receiving end of needing help.  Just as it is a journey for the person offering help, the feelings of resentment, begrudging doing anyone else a favour when they should be able to do it for themselves, etc,etc, and so the journey is shared. Whether you are doing the helping or being the helpee, know that you are sharing a process which may not offer instant rewards, but is definitely moving you through to a point where you at least have a better understanding of the Law of Grace.

Lots of love and light to everyone who needs it.

Tamasin x  

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