Saturday, 6 July 2013

Law of Attraction

I wasn't going to taint this blog with the Law of Attraction. I was trying to keep this blog purely for spiritual experience. But somehow the Law of Attraction isn't fitting in very well on my everyday blog. Writing about the Law of Attraction is turning in to a spiritual experience for me. I am enjoying the experience and so, perhaps I need to bring it over to this blog. My understanding and analysis of the little old 'Law' of like attracting like, the Law of Attraction.

I will tell you why I have trouble with this dear reader, which is strange really, considering I have absolutely no trouble accepting the world of spirit, angels, astrology, tea leaf reading and all manner of other kookie subjects which are very difficult to prove, the Law of Attraction irks me, mainly because I can't do it. Or I must be doing it wrong. Perhaps the cynical side of  my nature needs healing, but I can't help thinking maybe the Law of Attraction is just another way to make money out of people who are desperate to improve their lives. Maybe. 

I daresay if the Law of Attraction starts working for me, I will be singing a different tune. So, excuse me if I spam this blog with my Law of Attraction blogs from my other, more everyday, more political and about me personally, blog The Law of Attraction suddenly feels a little too spiritual for me to be able to squeeze it into my everyday world. 

Lots of love and light to everyone who needs it.

Tamasin x

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