Sunday, 5 May 2013

Angels on my path

It feels like a while since I have blogged about a sequence of coincidences.  You know, the sort of coincidences that I feel are meaningful and worthy of blogging about.  Of course, all coincidences are worth a mention.  Even the little ones that are just so obscure as to not really count, you know, like the lady at Church who went down to Devon for an Easter break, turns out she went to Brixham, which is where my mum lives.  Lovely little coincidences like that serve to remind me that we are all connected.  But no, the sort of coincidence I am talking about are the ones where they just pile up, as if they have been waiting to drop themselves at your feet all in one go.

Well, I had one of those little pile-ups yesterday.  It was Saturday and the weather was forecast for Sun.  There is only one place to be in Southend when the Sun is shining and that is down the seafront.  Although, by the time I left home it was a bit chilly, it wasn't even warm enough for sandals, never mind about beachwear.  Having just secured myself another part-time job, I needed to go shop hunting for a new blouse.  First day at a new job and training with complete strangers, feels like the first day of school and there is nothing like showing up in new clothes to boost your confidence.

So, having resigned myself to a beach free day, I strode along the seafront anyway.  Mentally calculating the calories and checking off a few more ounces.  I have recently been reading a book about Angels, a lovely book, offering personal experiences of Angelic encounters and spirit matters Gifts from Angels (by Chrissie Astell).  One of the phrases in this pleasing little book stuck in my mind 'messenger of God', yes, Angels, communicators of spirit.  As I was enjoying the sea air and the general buzz along the seafront, the smell of freshly cooking doughnuts and the squeal of the ever hopeful seagulls, I was walking and contemplating how spirit communicate with us, the ways they make themselves known to us using urban signs and daily events when I noticed a van parked in front of me.  The sign on the van was of a lovely winged horse. 'Pegasus'.  They had made the wings extra prominent. 'How lovely' I thought to myself.  Yes, I would trust a removal firm who used the emblem of Pegasus.  

On reaching my destination, having made the 2.2. mile walk to Southend and hiked up steps to get back to the main town I found myself in the centre of a young couple who were debating where they needed to go.  I looked at him, to her, I gave them my best questioning expression 

'Looking for somewhere?'

'Yes, the .......hotel' the young lady said.  I had never heard of it.  'It's in Church Road' she clarified. 

I do love being asked for directions and although I had never heard of the hotel they were looking for I enjoyed the idea that they were looking for Church Road.  Calling up the google map, I confirmed where they were in relation to their hotel and packed them off in the right direction.  Lovely.

Reaching my destination and meandering around TK Maxx,  having a slight detour from the blouse section, I found myself standing in front of an Angel Candle.  Yes, it smelt angelic and gave me another little lift for the day. I hadn't intended to wander around the home goods area, I had just been drawn over there. It was probably the smell of the candles that drew me in!

Finishing my shopping and with clouds darkening overhead, I decided it was time to head for home. Being asked for directions to Church Road, the Pegasus Sign and the Angelic candle were such pleasing additions to my shopping expedition, I wasn't expecting anything else to happen on the way home.  But, I was wrong.

As I was passing a really popular Pizza parlour I noticed their daily special 'Angelic Pizza' (only 600 calories), I was only too pleased to take a picture to share with my blog. As I put my phone away a lady walked up to me tapping me on the arm

 'Hello' she said.  

She was wearing giant sunglasses that covered most of her recognisable features, ie her eyes, eyebrows and cheekbones. I had to admit I didn't recognise her, I asked her to remove her shades. I knew her immediately once she showed her face.  An old co-student from Counselling College. We had gone to evening classes once a week for the best part of a year.  We had a chat and a catch up, she suggested linking up on facebook, I agreed and gave her my phone number.  As she tapped my number into her phone she had to admit she couldn't remember my name.  We shared a laugh and I confessed I didn't know hers. 

'Angela' she said 'it means Angel - messenger of God'.

What a great day. 

Lots of love and light to everyone who needs it.

Tamasin x

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