Sunday, 5 May 2013

Surprising coincidence

Can there be such a thing as an unexpected coincidence, or even an expected coincidence?

I found myself pondering this wonderful world of ours, full of synchronicity and wonder and remembered that it is the meaning of the coincidence for the person having the experience that really matters.

Perhaps it is because I have been noticing coincidence for so long, not giving events added meaning for the sake of it, but just noticing and recognising when the pieces of our non-physical jigsaw seem to fit together so well.  When you consider how magnificent life is, and how complicated and at the same time awe inspiring, it can be of no surprise that there has to be some semblence of structure. I believe the coincidences are where the seams can be seen.  Life isn't seamless, it is messy and apparently unstructured, but when coincidences show up to blow our socks off, I enjoy those occasions.  For people reading about coincidences that happen for other people, they may not feel the meaning as deeply, it is highly probable that they won't feel anything at all, until something happens to them.

It is the personal experience of coincidence which brings meaning to the events, the names, the numbers, the places, the shared personal history and recognition of a connection on a greater level than we, as mere mortals, are destined to understand.  It is with a sense of destiny, a precognition, an admission of spirit or something greater than ourselves that coincidence comes knocking.

I love the simple coincidences, the easy ones, the unsurprising, like finding out a co-worker went to the same school as us, I also love uncovering the more surprising, like finding out we share a birthday with the same co-worker or our parents were married on the same day. Most of all I love the coincidences that are out of this world unexpected and too big to be written off as having no meaning.  It is to this end that I continue on my quest to enjoy all the coincidences that come my way and know that every action, word, thought and deed goes out there into the Universe, to be used as material for lives we know not when and we know not by whom, but we do know that nothing is wasted.

Lots of love and light to everyone who needs it.

Tamasin x

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