Friday, 26 April 2013

Being asked for Directions

A stressful time Blogger, stress-filled and miserable, mainly, although I am forcing myself to bubble along the top, as frivolous as champagne bubbles.  No points are gained from being serious and unhappy, so I am trying the light-hearted and happy approach, see how that works.  

So, the job hunting continues, the interviews roll on relentlessly. I am all interviewed out, suffering from interview fatigue.  Today's traipse in the wind and the rain to an interview that may or may not result in paid employment was only a slight improvement on other less enticing journeys to potential employment.

I went anyway, I didn't feel like it, I arrived early and spent fifteen minutes meandering round the nearest clothes shop. Forcing the inner emotional state of 'happy and joyous' in order to shine at the interview.  I manage to drag my emotional state up to 'pleasant, smiley and confident', which was an improvement on 'can just about be bothered'.  

After the interview, walking away from a reasonably pleasant experience (as far as interviews go) I was waiting at a bus stop debating whether I really needed my brolly up and I noticed a woman striding towards me  She was carrying a set of keys, with a frown on her face and a determined expression. Not the sort of person who didn't look as if she knew where she was going, nor the sort of person who would normally enquire as to her whereabouts.

She walked towards me and just as she was about to walk past me, she turned and asked 'this is Rochford Road?'  

I confirmed for her, yes, this was Rochford Road

'I just wanted to check I was on the right path' she said.

We both laughed, her face lightened and she made my day. I do love being asked for directions, even if the person already knows where they are going.

Lots of love and light to everyone who needs it.

Tamasin x

p.s. a beautiful ginger cat crossed my path just as I was making it home.  Yes, I do believe I have been joined by spirit guides today on my job hunting journey.

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  1. p.p.s. I got this job! The ginger cat showing up on my path definitely clinched this one. An interview on a partial eclipse of the moon, I will be starting the job on the eclipse of the sun!