Thursday, 11 April 2013

She wears Red Feathers

My Mum, who lives in Devon has never been really close to her Spiritual side, or her Spirit Guide. Not until very recently.  She has often been to spiritualist churches and she believes in life after life and how our spirit carries on and she always has done,  but it has only been recently that she has started to have messages about her Spirit Guide.  He is called 'Red Feathers' and this is what he brings her. My Mum has started to notice and see little red feathers, in one guise or another, turn up on her travels.  

So, now, whenever I see or hear of red feathers, I think of my Mum and her guide.  This week, following the death of horror writer, James Herbert, the author of Rats and too many other books to mention, I picked up a book from the library with a view to having a browse. I wasn't intending to really read the whole book because I try and make a conscious effort not to fill my mind with horrific material.  Still, I found the story of Survivor really so well written, I just could not put it down.  Another trip to the library and I have ordered The Fluke because it has been recommended to me by someone on Twitter.  Whilst I wait for the The Fluke I will get stuck in to The Jonah.  Oh boy, is it scary. I probably won't get to the end of it.  As I was reading the opening chapters, James Herbert chose to reference a song on the radio in the background  ....'she wore red feathers...' .  

 I loved the coincidence, and even though I may not bother to read the rest of the horrible book, I am grateful for the mention of red feathers in a week when they have been brought to my attention for my Mum.

Lots of love and light to everyone who needs it.

Tamasin x

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