Tuesday, 29 January 2013

A day full of coincidental names

A day off from work!  Woo hoo.  It is a lovely feeling to have free time. A whole day to really, truly appreciate.  Despite the rain (and the fact I have left my umbrella at work, in a charity shop, where it is in danger of being sold by the time I get back) I had a little walk into town.  Not purely by choice, I did have a few chores to complete.  I also love to block my ears up with my ipod as I walk along, a nice march to music helps takes my mind off the distance I have to walk.  But not today.  No, I didn't feel like listening to music today. I opened my ears for a change.  I decided to take in the whole experience, not just the sights, the smells, the weather, the feel of wind on my face and the warmer temperature, but the sounds as well.  The whole package.

My first stop turned out to be the library.  In spite of the fact that I have no need to go into the library AT ALL.  I have a list of books currently waiting to be read, a borrowed book waiting to go back to a friend and some books 'recommended but not essential to the course' for the Open University and some charity shop finds that simply must be read.  So, really, I have absolutely no genuine reason to be side-tracking into Southend library.  But that is where I found myself.  Guided by spirit, I am sure.  I know better than to ignore nudges from the Universe. In I went.  A little poster for a competition to win tickets to the Thirty Nine Steps.  Oh yes. I don't mind if I do.  As I was standing at the counter, completing a competition entry form, another customer was explaining to the straight-faced librarian..

 'it is complicated you see, I don't know which one you haven't got...' 

the librarian had no interest in entering into conversation with the customer, who was clearly out of his depth on the self-service touch screen menu...I smile encouragingly at the man wringing his woolly hat in his hands.  Yes, it is obviously too warm for a woolly hat, this man is clearly in need of some form of life helper.  The librarian is not really doing a very good job of disguising his boredom/exasperation and he says 

'what is your name?' with the World War II tone of a German Officer.  

The customer says 'Blake'.  

Yes, his name is Blake.  My old name.  The name of my, now deceased, Dad.  Aw.  I am not even surprised.  But when you really think about that, what are the chances of me being there at the same time as this man who is having to say his name to the librarian?  

Off I went, but not before ordering a copy of a book I want to read 'The Shack', which they haven't got, so I ordered a copy. It was only because I needed to order a copy that I noticed the name of the author 'William Paul Young'.  Paul Young, the singer, who sang 'wherever I lay my hat, that's my home' I met in December, coming out of Greggs the Bakers, after a string of Hat coincidences.  Okay, so maybe that is clutching at straws...but still.

A stroll down the High Street led me into The Works book shop. A stand with a lot of books by a woman called Nora.  Interesting. I thought. Picking up a book with a picture of Las Vegas on the front. Bright lights, Big City.  Ooh.  The cover read 'a woman wins big at the casino...' the story is about what happens to her after that, the baddie of the story is called 'McGregor'.  My name.  The name of the man my Mum married.  I turned the book back over, Nora Roberts.  Lovely.  The name Robert has almost cropped up again.  I enjoyed the near coincidence. It reminded me of the day before, at work in the charity shop, during a particularly challenging experience of unpacking new goods, pricing and putting stickers on not easily identifiable pernickety bits and pieces, a volunteer brought her brother into the shop.  'Here's Bobby' she said.  'Robert' he corrected her.  I smiled, inwardly reminded that spirit are always around me, helping me through my day.  My brother in spirit, Robert, has brought through messages telling my Mum that he is now known as Bob.  

I really enjoyed my journey through town today, I loved seeing a pair of magpies as I walked through the part and finally, last but not least, a robin flew on my path.  

Feeling very fortunate with my little coincidental world.

Lots of love and light to everyone who needs it.

Tamasin x

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