Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Hats off to you x

Hats have entered my world.  Yes, hats.  It began with an idea floating in the back of my mind, the middle of October.  Yes, it is hat wearing weather, maybe it was the change of weather that led me to start considering wearing a hat.  

I do have a full black Russian style furry number which gets dusted off on days when there is six inches of snow on the ground.  I do.  I also have a purple crocheted beret that never goes out of the house but I will happily wear indoors.  It makes me feel like a tea cosy.  

But this week, I had a little tweet about the possibilities of wearing a hat and joining the eccentric old woman's club of hatwearers who don't give a damn what people think of them.  

I then had an unexpected trip into Southend Radio Station, invited in, to make-over their male radio presenter.  A lovely surprise for me, my whole life I have hankered to work in radio. I love radio.  I have achieved another goal. No matter how small, or insignificant it may seem to people listening. I was there.  I made it to the pinnacle of my media career.  A small role in local radio. A one-off.  For one morning only, I went in and plastered make up all over their early morning presenter.  My taxi driver who arrived at 7.40am, the crack of dawn in my world, was wearing a hat.  It was a great hat.  It gave him character. That, and the missing toothy grin.

I went in, did my performance, spent a couple of hours with the early morning team and thoroughly enjoyed myself.  Later that day, after changing out of my Avon Rep clothes into my co-op Uniform, I found  myself serving a young lady in a hat.  Interesting hat. I thought.  Wait...she looks familiar.  I couldn't quite place her. Her face looked familiar. Must be someone I serve all the time.  Then she opened her mouth and spoke to me.  The young lady actress who was in Waterloo Road!  I was serving Chelsee Healey.  I loved her hat.  Fabulous.

I take these brushes with fame and famous people as rewards from the Universe for trying.  You know, like in the Sims computer game, the characters have to be motivated by reward. I feel as though I have motivated myself and going to work and carrying on with no reward in sight, has been rewarded!  Lovely.  What a great day.  Two interesting events on one day.  

A day off from the co-op saw me visiting my Avon customers, delivering goods, collecting money, working.  I noticed a poster on my route which was advertising a jazz night.  They had used a hat to denote the jazz night.  Great.  The next charity shop I stood in, searching for wool to knit a patchwork blanket, I found myself in front of an old record 'at the drop of a hat'.  I took a photo.  I hadn't heard the song or heard of the people on the record. A few days later, I recalled the record and had a little look into it on You Tube.  The Album was there, with pictures of the record inside the sleeve.  The word ANGEL was written on the record.  Lovely.  These little coincidences give me a lift as I am reminded that we all have Guardian Angels and they are no more than a breath away. All we have to do is ask for a sign and once we have learnt to recognise the signs and know where to look, we learn that they are all around us, all the time.

So, off I went, on my travels, about my daily business.  Getting ready to go and work in the co-op on a Sunday morning I was listening to Southend Radio, and the d.j. said 'if you want to win tickets to the theatre, now is the time to call...' I ran across the living room, lifted the receiver of my landline, dislodging the dust off the hardly used buttons and typed in the number.  Southend Radio answered my call and I won two tickets to see The Full Monty.  The tag line for the play is 'hold on to your hats..'.  Ha ha.  I love this set of coincidences that have brought me to a night out at the theatre!  

Thank you to Spirit for rewarding my love of coincidences with a free night out.

Lots of love and light to everyone who needs it.

Tamasin  x

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