Wednesday, 17 October 2012

'do you know the quickest way to the Pier?'

As the recession bites deeper and the Tories bring in more rules to erode the freedom of the individual, it gets harder to write uplifting words.  

This week I have been busy working in the co-op, when I am not at work, I am physically recovering from being at work! So, apologies, blogger, but I will try and recall the events that happened to me this week.

Someone asked me for Directions.  Yes, they did.  On the day when I was walking home after a little visit to Southend Radio Station....I nipped in there to 'play' with the presenters.  You can't call it work, sitting in a radio studio having a little comment on the news and making over their male radio presenter. It was fun and as I have always wanted to work in radio, I guess that was the pinnacle of my dream. The closest I am ever going to get to 'working' in radio.  

Anyway, walking home, uphill, the journey home is always uphill, a man walked towards me, I knew he was speaking to me because I could see his lips moving.  He hadn't noticed my ipod. I removed an earpiece

'do you know the quickest way to the Pier?'  he asked, yes, I did know the quickest way to the pier, I wasn't sure what his rush was but I directed him anyway.  

The Pier.  My first experience of being on the telly was in Southend and I was talking about the Pier.  Saturday Morning Swap Shop...1980 ish standing in Priory Park amongst the crowd, a researcher came among us and asked me what I know about the Pier.  So, up I went, into the boxing ring/bandstand type podium they had for swappers and I held up my Mum's heated rollers and swapped it for an embroidery kit.  She wasn't best pleased.  I did also have a little chat about how Southend Pier was the longest Pier in the World.

So, I have been reminded, that I always have a brush with media, but that is all it is. Nothing ever comes of it, my path is to help other people to find their paths. That is my Way.

Lots of love and light to everyone who needs it.

Tamasin x

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