Thursday, 6 September 2012

Three wise mules

Yes, so, really this isn't a 'stand alone' blog. This follows on from my previous two blogs about my little trip to Devon to visit my Mum and the sort of coincidences and events that cropped up on my path.

One of the longest chain of coincidences happened to me following the Blue Moon at the end of August, my birthday weekend.  I was 46.  A new chapter has begun. I feel as though I have passed a milestone,  completing my degree with the Open University.  Charlie, my son has made it through his first year at Uni, having passed his exams with flying colours and he is now going to experience an independent lifestyle, sharing a house with four other students. They will be having some fun I am sure.

This leaves me free to do what I want, when I want, where I want with whom I want.  The only restriction I have placed on me is a financial restriction.  I am limited by my lack of access to funds.  Which is fine, I am managing, I am getting through it, just about.

But it has been eighteen years since my last holiday abroad, eighteen long years.  Although the appeal of travel abroad never goes away, the ability to jump on a plane and head off to pastures new has eluded me.  So, to be able to travel three hundred miles away for a little stay somewhere other than Westcliff absolutely filled me with pleasure, excitement, gratitude and a great sense of reward.  I felt as if I have been rewarded by Spirit for the dedication, commitment and discipline it has taken to get us to this point.  I have done well.  Just getting here, I have done well.

Not having seen my Mum for a long time, I cannot even remember the last time I went down to Devon to see her, I may have gone down there about 2005, but I could be imagining that. I have definitely been since the year 2000, so it could literally be twelve years since I have been down there.  Purely for financial reasons, lack of resources has prevented me from visiting. So, catching up and having a little chat about what I believe in and how the Universe communicates in all sorts of ways, and how I see this as Spirit helping to guide us on our journey I was talking about my son, Charlie, and how he still has friends in Southend, Ashley and a new housemate, Ben and I spotted three donkeys on the grass at the top of the seafront.  

'let's go and see the donkeys Mum'  I suggested.  'They are a kind of wildlife'. I had a feeling we were meant to be looking at them.  'The donkeys?' my Mum couldn't understand why I would want to go and look at the donkeys. As we walked over a lovely blonde-haired donkey came over and he had the name 'Ashley' written on his noseband.  'Look, Mum, he is called Ashley!'  I exclaimed.  We both laughed, I had literally just been talking about Ashley.  Then the second, dark-haired donkey came over.  He had 'Ben' written on his noseband. 'No way.'  I said 'Ben is dark-haired' and I had just been talking about him.  I just knew the third donkey was going to be called Charlie.  Over it came....'Charlotte' on the headband.  The young girl attempting to guide her around the field was clearly struggling with the stubborn mule.  'what is that donkey's name?' I asked.  'Charlotte'  she said 'but we call her Charlie'. 

Yes, I just knew she was going to say that. 

We did enjoy the coincidence and I know that was a once in a lifetime experience that you just couldn't engineer or make up.  

Thank you to Spirit for allowing me to savour the moment and really fully enjoy the coincidences that kept coming up, time and time again, all weekend.

Lots of love and light to everyone who needs it.

Tamasin x

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