Saturday, 8 September 2012

The Golden Shepherd dog named Rosie

Life in Westcliff continues.  I haven't been asked for directions for at least a week, but I have received three pens courtesy of Avon. As a Sales Rep consistently hitting my sales targets, I have been rewarded with promotional pens. Lovely.  There is always room for another pen. A reminder to write. A note from spirit to remember why I am here.

Okay then.  What else have a I managed to notice this week?  Well, heading to a healing meeting, a little experience of crystal healing I bumped into a friend who is not just a qualified healer (you know, all the certificates and everything) but she is actually a healing presence. You know the sort of person, one who exudes peace, calm, serenity and who you just know has healing qualities.  Unfortunately, she was busy and didn't have time to stop and join me for the crystal healing experience, but the opportunity was there for her, courtesy of bumping into me and being informed about the meeting. I did my bit.  Maybe when the next one is on I will find out about it earlier and be able to let her know in advance.

This is me, doing my bit.

The Westcliff Spiritualist Church also had their Autumn Fayre. Despite it being the first week in September, temperatures are soaring, it was probably better, hotter, weather this week than during the week of the Summer Fayre.  I went along to offer my services as an Angel Card Reader.  I am happy to sit in Church helping to raise funds to help cover their overheads. But what's this? Wait.  The SNU, the Spiritualists National Union, or something, do not allow Angel Card Readings.  I am astounded, absolutely amazed that an organisation which finds it okay to communicate with the dead (or still living, really) doesn't accept Angel Cards.  

I can tell you blogger, both my eyebrows shot up.  What an eye opener.  I love the Angel Cards, everyone I know enjoys the Angel Cards, they are a source of healing and comfort, a reminder that we are not alone, everyone has a Guardian Angel to call on in times of need.  I am not really sure how an organisation can call themselves spiritual and yet reject an offer to help using Angel Cards.  No. Not for me. I can't tell you how amazed I was at this revelation. Still, I blink my eyes a bit, get over the shock of that piece of news and make a mental note to find a church who enjoys Angel Cards as much as I do.

Walking back from being snubbed by the Church I bumped into a woman walking a young pup.  Four months old she is, beautiful golden fur 'what sort of dog is she?' I ask, because that is what you do when you meet someone with a young dog.  'A Golden Shepherd'.  Oh. Half Golden Retriever, half German Shepherd and her name is Rosie. Lovely.  She was the 13th one of her litter.  I exchange pleasantries, complimenting her lovely nature and as I walk home I am grateful for the interaction.  Yes, the Golden Shepherd, I am reminded of the Shepherd who was shown an Angel.  The name Rosie?  yes, my Dad's sister was called Rose.  13th one? Yes, my Dad was also the 13th one.  

The Spiritualist Church may not accept Angel Card readings, but yet another coincidental meeting reminds me that God works in mysterious ways and when one door closes somewhere a window opens.

Lots of love and light to everyone who needs it.

Tamasin x

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