Thursday, 6 September 2012

Forgotten your ipod charger m'dear? no problem

Reaching my recent destination, heading for Devon, the town of Paignton, coming from Westcliff, via Southampton where I stayed overnight at my son's Uni house, I realised that I didn't have my ipod charger.  No big deal, not really, although I do like to have a bit of music to listen to as I am walking around on my travels, when I am in a new area, I like to have my ears free to notice noises, sounds, people talking around me and to me.

Still, I knew there were going to be occasions over the weekend when I would want to listen to some songs so I just mentioned to the girl on the hotel reception that I had forgotten my charger.  As I was having a conversation with her about the chances of someone randomly leaving an ipod charger behind in a hotel, and how unlikely that was, a young man popped his head out from the kitchen.  

'my daughter is staying with me this weekend, she has an ipad that sometimes she brings with her, if she has the charger I will bring it in for you'  (he offered in a thick Devonshire accent).

how kind.  I gave him my card with my mobile phone number on it, the one that says I am available for tarot readings.

I took the opportunity of asking him where the local spiritualist church was and mentally booked myself an hour in church at 7.30pm. Off I went about my daily business.  Later that evening, after I had been to church, had a bit of singing and laughter in a strange meeting hall, there was a little knock on my hotel door.

Holding a charger in one hand and my card in the other, there stood the young man from the kitchen he said 'you do tarot readings?' yes, I confirmed that I do indeed do tarot readings.

He told me the story of how his wife's Dad had died in a plane crash and how his wife had gone to a spiritualist church for a message, but when she didn't get one she was all disheartened.  As he was talking, I was suddenly prompted to tell him it was in the name.  His wife would start seeing his name about, and for her to know it is not a coincidence.  'alright then, I will tell her' he agreed to tell her.  I gave him a Guardian Angel Wishbag by way of thanks for letting me have use of his daughter's charger.  

The next day as I walked through reception, he followed me out 'thanks for that little thing' he said 'my wife loved it'.  She said it felt really warm in her hands when she held it.  Okay then.  I haven't heard that before, but I am glad it made her happy.  Also, he wanted to let me know that there had indeed been a name thing.  

After her Dad died, his wife and her Mum had gone along to the cinema to watch a sentimental movie and her Mum was in floods of tears at the end.  As they sat watching the credits of the film the first three names to come up spelled out his name...Steve Mark Cooper. 

They took this as a sign from her Dad and her Mum's husband that he was alright and it was very comforting to them at the time. 

Yes, spirit works in mysterious ways.  I love this sort of story, now if I had remembered my charger, this little interaction would never have happened.

I share this story with you, blogger, in the hope that if you are ever looking for a sign from a loved one, please remember the importance of the vibration of their name.  It is one of the few things that can only by right or wrong, there is no 'sort of like Steve' it is either Steve or it isn't!

Lots of love and light to everyone who needs it.

Tamasin x

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