Thursday, 6 September 2012

Even lost Buttons have a meaning

Did I mention the Buttons?  I may have done. But just in case, I will mention them now. You know how I often find feathers in unexpected places and I consider these are messages from Spirit and confirmation that my Guardian Angel and Spirit Guides draw close.   Well, I also love to find anything out of the ordinary, you know, things in strange places.  This includes lost gloves, any items people have dropped on their travels, pens (another of my personal favourites that tend to come to me from so many places I have lost count) all random sights, and just generally being reminded that life is strange, wonderful, interesting, ever changing, mystic and there is nothing that cannot be interpreted symbolically.

So, it is with some pleasure that I have started noticing buttons show up on my journey.  I always think of Buttons in Cinderella and how he was the poor one. For some reason (probably wishful thinking) I also see Buttons as being symbolic for money. Finding a loose button and sewing it on in time reminds me to check the purse strings.  Seeing a button on my path as I walk about, I feel that some money will be coming my way.  Not a lot of money, probably, but enough to ease my journey.  

I have seen two buttons this week, and sure enough, courtesy of my birthday week, I have indeed been the recipient of valuable gifts.  One gift card and one perfume, which, although it isn't actually money, it is what I would have bought if I had the money.  So, it counts.

Lots of love and light to everyone who needs it.

Tamasin x

p.s. this week's pens have turned up in my Avon order. As a reward for reaching my sales target, Avon sent me three promotional pens.

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