Saturday, 25 August 2012

Losing a hairdressers in Southend

I never get bored with being in the right place at the right time to uncover a coincidence.

Now, some people cannot see coincidence.  I promise you, no matter how amazing the synchronicity, they just think 'nothing special about that you crazy person'.  They think I am soft in the head for placing any meaning onto the events that unfold around me.

I love synchronicity. It reminds me that we are all travelling around, on this crazy planet, ever changing, always moving, and yet, somehow, the little pieces of information and events glue together to bring us coincidence.  I feel sorry for people who can take no pleasure in synchronicity, who see them as random acts of not rightness on the part of the person enjoying the scene.

For it is a scene, all our loved ones in spirit, our Guardian Angels, our higher helpers, and of course God, are sending these little events our way as a reminder that we are not on our own. We are not traipsing through our physical existence of life on earth by ourselves.  

This is how important coincidence is to me. It brings me a reminder of the spiritual aspect of our nature, the whole fundamental purpose of breathing, living, thinking, loving mess of it all. A reminder that life is in fact orchestrated.  There are no mistakes.  Nothing happens by coincidence. There is a greater meaning behind every coincidental meeting, coincidental namesakes, coincidental dates of birth, death and marriages.

This week I learned of the death of a person I have never met, but someone whom I have heard a lot about.  I heard of this news by bumping into someone I didn't expect to meet near the weighing machine in Boots.  The mundane act of testing my BMI led to me being in the right place at the right time to hear news of a death. Oh boy.

But that is not the coincidence I am here to tell you about. No.  As an Avon Representative, I hover all over the place in an attempt to pick up new customers.  Most hairdressers along my route have had an Avon book from me at some stage in the last three months.  Well,  this week I have been trying my luck in Headhunters. In the precinct.  I used to sell Avon to them when I lived the other end of town, in Shoebury, and the same people still work in there, so I left them a brochure.  Walking past Snappy Snaps, on the outside of the shopping precinct (where there are no fewer than three hairdressers in a row all vying for business from passers-by) I hear a man exclaim 'how can you not remember which hairdressers it is?' I turn round to see a woman huffing off back towards the High Street.
'do you need any help?' I ask the tall, skinny man, clearly retired and at the end of his tether following his wife while she looks for a missing hairdressers
'my wife can't remember where the hairdresser is, she has an appointment'
me: 'oh'
him: 'it is next to Wilkos'
me: 'headhunters, it is downstairs in the precinct'
him: 'is it?'
me: 'yes, I know exactly where you need to go, because that is where I am headed'

by this time his wife has hoofed off, in the wrong direction in a huff.  I suggest he phone her.  'we haven't got phones' he gestures to his empty, retired, phone-free pockets.  'oh' I say.  'do you want me to tell them you are on your way?'
'yes please' he says, he tells me her name and rushes off after her.

I go to Headhunters with news for them of their lost customer wandering around upstairs trying to identify them amongst the plethora of hairdressers handing out their leaflets.  I also leave them another Avon book, since they have lost the last one.  But, I have not just strolled in there asking for Avon or selling them Avon, no, I have helped them with a lost customer and been part of their little world for five minutes.  This is probably of more use to me that it was to them, although, maybe the man and his wife would have given up looking for them if it hadn't been for my intervention.  

I don't know.  I doubt that I will ever know.  But I do know that being in the right place at the right time to offer directions to people in the middle of a 'beside themselves' situation, puts me in tune with a helpful universe.  I suspect spirit had a laugh at the whole scenario, but I am grateful for the reminder that there is more going on in the world than can be seen with the eye.

Lots of love and light to everyone who needs it.

Tamasin x

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