Thursday, 12 July 2012

News of a passing and a Yellow Flower paves the way

My day turned into a day of two halves. Firstly there was a rapid collection of Avon books, waiting for a friend to call for a visit to spiritualist church in Leigh, I decided I had time to see if the neighbours want anything from the brochures I gave them.

The lady over the road, she wants Avon. Actually wants it.  I knock and ask for the book. She hasn't had time to look at it, she stands clutching the elusive campaign 12 book, that I really could use.  I acquiesce (I think that is what I know, I back down, I resist the urge to snatch the book and run, instead I graciously offer her more time to look at the book).  

No, it is okay, she will let me have the book but there is something she would like, she tells me what she is thinking of and I choose one for her. My sales now stand at £10.00.  From £5.00 to £10.00 that is an improvement.  I take the book back and explain about my current book shortage crisis.  She understands.  I remember that my next door neighbour, the one who is fighting a battle with cancer, also has a book. I gave a book to her young daughters (well, young as in, early twenties, old enough for Avon) when the electricians were here messing about with the fuse board.  

I knock on next door and wait, I can hear movement inside, as the door opens I notice the young lady looks slightly drawn compared to usual, I say 'did you want anything from the Avon book?'
she goes off and actually hunts around for the Avon book.  Coming back to the door she says hesitantly
'I haven't had time to look at it to be honest'  I was about to breeze into my sales woman mode of 'I will give you a few more days' but something about her demeanour stops me in my tracks. I say 'how's your Mum? On a scale of one to ten?'  she looks at me and there is a pause, I wait for her to say 'eight', but she says
'she died'.
If an Avon rep knocked on my door, neighbour or not, when I was in the middle of grieving, organising a funeral and generally re-adjusting my entire life, I wouldn't have been hunting around for the Avon book.  But these young women have been well brought up, the woman whose life has ended at the tender age of 48 did a good job, she left a legacy behind her of love, laughter and happiness.  

So there is a funeral for me to attend tomorrow to pay my respects (as I write this, it is today now, I am blogging first thing in the morning), the dresscode is black and everyone is to hold a yellow flower.  Lovely. I will track down a yellow flower.

The afternoon at church was beautiful, the messages were lovely. There are only half a dozen people who go on a Wednesday afternoon, so everyone received a message.  My message was the usual thing 'doing too many things at once, need to slow down, try and do one thing at a time...oh, and a yellow rose'.
I thank the medium for giving me a yellow flower and I take that as a little sign from spirit that the lady next door is safe and sound in the arms of spirit.

Lots of love and light to everyone who needs it.

Tamasin x

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