Thursday, 26 July 2012

90 degree heat and an OAP in search of The Shops

A trip to the job centre in 90 degree heat, a few Avon calls on the way and a dejected tread really, past the Royals shopping centre.  Just as I was contemplating the futility of my latest efforts, in the middle of untangling my ipod wires and packing them tidily away into my pocket, a little old lady opened her mouth to speak to me, one hand clutching her zimmer frame.  I took my earphones out, which clearly, she hadn't noticed, I guess she must have already asked me the way once!  

Being pre-occupied with my earphone wires I hadn't paid attention to the mini bus that had pulled up alongside me.  Half a dozen OAPs heading my way using various forms of walking aids.  

'do you know the way to the Shops?' she must be repeating herself (she is probably used to it).

'the Shops?' I say 'are you sure you really want to go to the Shops?  there's a pub round the corner'

they laugh, no, they are intent on buying something.  I point to the sign above my head 'the Royals' it reads. In giant white letters on a navy background. 

I clarify:  'pass under the Royals sign and you will be right there. At The Shops'.

They thank me and huddle off, slightly faster than the speed of tortoises.  I wonder at their ability to find me, in 90 degree heat, outside a shopping centre, and somehow there I am, showing people the way.  I walk round the corner, continuing on my path, thinking that is the most obvious 'way' I have ever been asked and I notice a giant feather on the floor at my feet.  

A reminder to take material concerns less seriously and know that spirit matters.

Lots of love and light to everyone who needs it.

Tamasin x

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