Monday, 18 June 2012

Lost poles, three robins and being asked for directions

So many signs, so little time to write about them.  This week, three Robins have shown up, on three separate occasions.  I have seen more black cats than they have at the Cat Homing Day and two people have asked me for directions.

Sitting in my garden, having missed church, waiting in for someone who never showed up, I was treated to a robin sharing my garden time.

Sitting in the library gardens in Leigh, admiring the crazy way the trees and bushes grow in Summer, I noticed a plaque. I always look at names on plaques, and this one was no exception 'Thomas', my Dad's name.  I mentally say 'hi' to my Dad, in Spirit. As I sit in the sun enjoying the coincidence, another little robin lands at my feet.  Sweet.

Marching home from Southend, having walked for miles looking for new Avon customers, a robin landed on a gate just in front of me.  I thank spirit for joining me on my journey.

Whenever I find myself sitting in a park I usually find odd things happening around me.  This week was no different. First of all a young lady and her mum came and sat on the bench next to me, carrying a pair of poles.  I have no idea what they were for, but when they got up and walked off, they forgot their poles.  I sat and babysat the poles until they returned, in a state of panic at the fear of losing their poles!  It was quite amusing. While I sat there, waiting with the abandoned poles, a photographer turned up and asked me if I was one of the performers?  'performers?' I enquired...apparently a tree had been turned into 'art' and there was to be a performance.  I offered to throw some shapes for the camera, but sorry, no, I am not a performer. 

So, I have finished my studying, the degree is in the process of being marked and time will tell whether any of it was worth doing. Now I am free again, I am available for spiritual work.  For me, this includes being helpful to other people, usually strangers, and often I am asked the way. I see this as a reminder from spirit that I am the person who a) knows the way and b) am fortunate enough to be used by spirit to help other people.  Rushing along, heading into Southend, a woman 'pulled out' (on foot) in front of me. Dragging not one but two suitcases.  'do you know the way to the Station?' she said.  yes, indeed I do. I pointed her in the right direction, did some arm waving and smiling, thoroughly enjoying myself.  It is always somewhere of which I have direct experience. The Station.  I have travelled through that Station on the way to London more times than I care to remember.  Lovely.  Walking home past a pub full of people watching a football match, a man is standing on the pavement, looking around 'Westcliff seafront?' he asks.  yes, again, I know exactly where he needs to go and how to get there from where we are standing. 

I thank Spirit for the little nudges, the signs, the reminders and I continue on my material path.

Lots of love and light to everyone who needs it.

Tamasin x

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