Friday, 29 June 2012

Being asked for directions and a blue and green eyed cat

Having been out and about 'on foot' quite a lot this week, it is no surprise that I have had my path crossed by black cats, tabby cats, tortoiseshell cats and all manner of tiny creatures who aren't expecting to see a person walking.  The strangest cat who sat in my path was white with odd coloured eyes. I don't mean they were a bit strange, I mean one eye was blue and one eye was green.  Weird.

I have also seen two people giving directions, unconvincingly I might add, you know, the body language says they think they know where they are telling the person to go, but they don't really.  I have managed to mind my own business twice, and not butt in and get involved.  Well, the third time I saw this happening, a young Albanian woman attempting to explain the whereabouts of Westcliff Seafront in the most complicated terms, finally, I gave in to the urge to be the best person to give directions and I gave him a 'right and a left' version.  Simple. 

What is the message from spirit here?  I always take 'being asked for directions' as being symbolic of my being asked the Way, you know, spiritual guidance in times of difficulty.  I am currently taking a seat back as I am trying to find a proper job and work at selling Avon. I guess the message here, is ...I don't have to be the person who knows the Way, as long as I am happy to watch other, less efficient people, fumble around searching for places they don't really know!

I will carry on being of use when I am in the right place at the right time.

Lots of love and light to everyone who needs it.


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  1. I like to think that you have been chosen to show the 'Way' too. A quite admirable quality you have there, Tamasin.

    When my three sisters and I went on a vacation together towards the end of last year..I saw four black cats (in different places) during our trip. They just kept showing up wherever we went. The first lived at a tiny house across the street from an old cemetery that my sister and I explored a couple of times. I tried to get him to join us over there but he just sat and stared at me. I loved that they crossed my path...