Thursday, 24 May 2012

To say that I have been short of time this week would be an understatement.  You know Bugs Bunny and Roadrunner?  That has been me, literally tearing around trying to finish my degree and be accommodating to window fitters, door fitters,builders,landlord,stair painters...the list feels never ending. Not to mention handle the level of dust that has come my way.  So, when the window man said his Mum used to be a clairvoyant I was pretty sure that there would be some communication that was meant for him. But I haven't got time have I. No. I haven't.  Although, I did just tell him the story of how recently I have been shown the name of 'Hardy' in a couple of unexpected places and how I take that as a message from Spirit. 

When the builder called me on the phone, he said he wanted to do the toilet and bathroom.  So, I cleared out the bathroom, knowing how much dust was going to be coming down with the window.  When the builder turned up he looked at me in dismay, he thought the little cubby hole that I use to hang my clothes in was a toilet. When he said toilet and bathroom, he meant two windows. I thought he meant one.  So between us we emptied the wardrobe, filling the living room and my bedroom with a load a random stuff. Pushed for time I was conscious of how much time it was taking out of my day. Never mind, carry on regardless!  I head off in a hurry now to get on with my dissertation. Westcliff Library would not print my document.  Computer said no. So after asking the assistant for help I decided to walk to Leigh library.  The assistant said 'they have the same computers as us, if it won't print here, it won't print there'.  I resisted the urge to tell him he has something wrong with his computer. He clearly thought it was my work that was unprintable. (Let it Go, no time to deal with his limited thought range).

Another assistant, a lady, who knows less about computers than I do, said she had just had a conversation (synchronicity) with a man in Southend library and their printers have been mended this morning. Superb. Thanking her, I set off for Southend, who haven't had working printers for a couple of weeks.

Being Tested. This is exactly the time when Spirit test your resolve to maintain your equilibrium in the face of time pressures, financial constraints and obstacles that feel insurmountable.  I am rushing along at breakneck speed and a woman stops me to ask me the Way.  Well, what can I do?  Setting aside my current drama, I give her the time of day. Only to discover she is on her way to a wedding, doesn't know the area and wants a recommendation for a cafe.  Pleasure. I offer to walk with her.  She has a walking impediment.  The going is slower than slow.  Stress levels are rising and I recognise that spirit are involved in this interaction, so I slow down and have a chat with her about the wedding. She is a Christian and happy to tell me that she believes in marriage.  I behave as if the only thing I have to do in the world is listen to her wedding story. I walk her to a cafe that I know other people go to. As I am wishing her a good wedding and waving her in the direction of a Full English, I notice a man in a white van looking at me.  My builder. That I have left back at my place, fitting windows.  No? what is he doing here.  Never mind. He is offering me a lift to town.  Lovely. He has left his mate back at the flat.

So, we head into Southend, his name is Lee. I thank him and continue on my journey. Having spent the best part of three hours grinding my teeth, stressing and ripping apart words that have lovingly been put together I decide enough is enough and I am going home for an edit.  Before I go I am drawn towards the Art Gallery. No. I have not got time to even stroll through the Southend Library exhibition, but there I am standing in front of a big piece of work that involves red blocks on a white background. What does that say?  Lee.  Okay then.  I take a photo, I walk home. I pass 'the message' on to Lee.  There you go, you know what I was saying about seeing names in random places?  Now it is your turn. 

Lots of love to everyone who needs it.

Tamasin x

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