Thursday, 17 May 2012

Chance meeting

I do love a bit of synchronicity. You know, the part of life where you find things in common with people, when it turns out you were born on the same day as a new work colleague or you went to the same school as your new neighbours.

Things that are likely to happen when you live in a small neighbourhood.  Yes, these things make me happy, so I feel connected in the grand scheme of things. Part of a network, a reminder that none of us are separated, we are all connected.

Well, today, I bumped into no less than three people who are on my facebook, in a short space of time, it was lovely to see real people in real life and as the temperatures have dropped again, I was in no mood for loitering during my daily walk.

I did however strike up a conversation with a woman walking three little white dogs. Don't ask me why, I just commented on the lovely view over the seafront and how, although it is in the same place, the picture changes everyday.  She agreed, and told me her daughter has moved away. She moved here from London, Walthamstow actually. I was born in Walthamstow. We laughed, how lovely, a coincidence!  Yes, she used to own a sandwich shop in Covent Garden.  Really?  I used to work in the Strand and regularly shopped for sandwiches in Covent Garden. When was that? around 1989? yes, she was there until 2002. We are both surprised at this coincidence.  Wow, Covent Garden, 1989, a blast from the past.

We decided we have enough in common to walk along together on our journey, so we both continue on our path as she explains that her Mum died, her Mum used to live in Ravens Court flats. I used to live in Ravens Court flats.  She can hardly believe it.  Are you working? she says, no, I explain, I used to work for Dedmans Estate Agent who went bust....she interrupts, Dedmans sold her mum's flat.  Yes, I was working for Dedmans at the time.  I explained I used to have a flat in Cambridge Road, number 43, guess where she lives? Cambridge Road, number 10.  Her daughter, now fully grown and post grad, used to go to Barons Court Infant School, of course, my son went to the same school. 

We are both cold and we have been standing still for far too long in these temperatures to be comfortable as we uncover similarity after similarity. Of course, conversation turns to poor choice of men and the fall out from that. We share our disappointments and regrets and we take our leave of each other. Two women on very different and yet, fairly similar paths. Living in the same town for more than thirty years and our paths have never crossed.

I am reminded that none of us are treading water alone, there are plenty of goldfish all swimming around each other with their paths never crossing.  The magic and majesty of life surprises me again.

Lots of love and light to everyone who needs it.

Tamasin x

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