Friday, 27 April 2012

'Apple Trees and Honeybees and furnish it with Love..'

I go to Church, you know, mainly because I like the hymns and the singing.  I have two Spiritualist Churches that I split my church attendance between.  Either Hildaville Church in Westcliff, where the congregation is large, friendly and the hymns are quite modern or St. Cecilia's in Leigh, where the church is much smaller and more traditional, including the older hymns.

I am always happy to get a message, if the medium chooses to come to me, that is great, but I am just as happy to sit and listen to other people have their messages.  Well, this week, after being given two messages in recent weeks I wasn't expecting the medium to come to me. In two minds about whether to go to Church, the rain kept alternating between hailstones or just a minor flood, so I was unsure about venturing out to Church. But, no, the purpose of going to Church isn't just to get a message, or just to enjoy a singsong, the purpose of being part of the congregation is to be part of a group sharing and sending healing thoughts and prayers.  Having decided that I wasn't going to be getting a message, I decided to brave the strong winds, heavy rain and head out. Intrepid explorer doesn't really cover it.

Arriving at church with windswept everything and slightly soggier trainers then when I had left home, I found that the usual people weren't there.  The lady who usually tapes the messages wasn't there, the Irish lady who likes to talk back to the medium wasn't there, the old guy who is brought along by his daughter wasn't there. In fact, none of the regulars were there. The rain must have stopped play for many of the usual suspects. There were literally half a dozen of us sitting in a little haven of peace, away from the madding crowd and the roar of passing traffic.

The medium was a lady that I know, she knows me by name, and our paths have crossed many times. She wasn't the medium who had been booked. As is often the case, there has been a last minute change of medium and Hilda has stepped in as a last minute saviour for the church.  We have a little singsong, 'I'd like to teach the World to Sing, in Perfect Harmony'  a lovely song, unusual for this church, to choose one of the modern hymns.  Hilda gave an address to us six bedraggled flock, based around this lovely little song made famous by the New Seekers in the seventies.  I remember it well, my Mum and Dad both used to sing this song. 

I enjoyed the service, everyone who had a message really felt touched by spirit, lots of tears of happiness and love from beyond the veil.  Lovely.  I would have been more satisfied if I had also had a message, bearing in mind there were only half a dozen of us, but never mind, there will always be another day.

The next morning, I was walking along, minding my own business (for a change) and I noticed a record on the floor.  A black vinyl disc on the pavement, on my path.  Not one to ignore something out of the ordinary, I could not help but take a closer inspection of the label, to see what record it was.  I really could not believe the words on the label ....'I'd like to teach the world to sing'.

Perfect.  I love coincidence.  I do believe this record appearing on my path was another little message from spirit, confirmation for me that although I didn't get a message at the meeting, I am being communicated with directly and I am not on my own. I am surrounded by spirit who are happy to remind me of this, using whatever means of communication they can.

Lots of love and light to everyone who needs it.

Tamasin x

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