Thursday, 19 April 2012

A Hardy Fuchsia by any other name!

So many messages from spirit, so many coincidences and synchronicity is working so fast, there is just enough time to blog about one and along comes another one!

This week, a trip to Westcliff Spiritual Church brought a message from spirit, directly to me.  A lady in spirit, who spent her final hours drifting in and out of consciousness and not knowing who was in the room or who people were.  Yes, my son's Great Grandmother, lived to be 100, well, nearly. She died two months shy of her 100th birthday. She did indeed spend some time wondering if my son's Dad, her grandson, was an alien and other various confusions that involved getting her grandsons identity confused with each other. 

Anyway, the message from Marie was to say that she is around, she is okay and she is back to help.  'oh good', I thought (we can all do with a little help). 

So, the next day as I was going about my daily business and headed towards the library I walked past Homebase.  I usually walk past Homebase, I rarely have cause to go in there, I feel it is overpriced and everything in there can be bought cheaper somewhere else.  Not today.  Today, I felt propelled towards Homebase.  A slight push at my back, like a strong wind. An invisible hand was guiding me to go and look in the shop that sells housewares, all forms of decorating equipment, furniture and garden paraphernalia.

I knew it was Marie.  'okay, I will just go and have a look'.  In I headed, half expecting to see a sign with Marie's name on it.  Knowing it was unlikely.  What would be called Marie in a hardware shop?  I walked past the barbeque sets, past the new watering cans designed to beat the drought, out into the garden centre.  Pots of all shapes and sizes, small plants, tiny flowers, garden decorations.  'oh well, I must have got it wrong'.

There it was again, a gentle pushing, round the final corner.  Standing in front of some bright pink fuchsias.  Lovely. Oh well. They look pretty.  I peered in, reading the label....'Hardy Fuchsia'.  I did have a little chuckle.  Marie's sirname.  Marie Hardy. 

Cheers Marie, I know you are with me xx

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