Friday, 17 February 2012

Yes, I can take the message, but I can't take the name

I have blogged about this before, and I am pretty sure that I have labelled this strange phenomenon, but I cannot remember what I named it!  

For me, it is up there with 'being asked for directions' and 'discovering significant dates between strangers, like sharing a birthday', you know, simple events in life that we can either take for granted or we can attach some significance to.  Personally, I prefer to pay attention to all the weird little anomolies that show up in my world.

This latest little game is no exception.  Here is the game.  I visit a spiritualist church.  I don't get a direct message.  The medium does not come to me.  The medium is very good with her information, she describes people in spirit, everything from their character through to the diseases they suffered.  The bit she gets wrong, over and over, are the names.  All of the names that the people cannot take, despite recognising ALL of the other information, are names that I CAN take.   This is spirits' way of getting the message to me, without giving the message directly to me.  Don't ask me why, it is just one of the 'phenomenon', this method of spirit message delivery is in itself confirmation of the message!

Here is how it went...the Medium, Australian, open, friendly, linked with spirit.  Working with all sorts of characters, the first young man in the congregation couldn't take the 'Dad' link, but he thought she had his granddad.  The medium gave him the name Bob or Robert.  No, he couldn't take that.  (My brother who committed suicide at the age of 15 was called Robert). The Medium continues to give the young man HIS message, and it IS his message, the name is an anomaly, which can be ignored. 

The messages flow, from a woman who died from secondary cancer that started in the stomach area and who thanked her daughter for the prayers with Rosary beads, the details are all correct, the name Mary though, is out of place.  (Mary was the name of my Dad's Mum, my Gran).  Ignore that then, the medium apologises for getting the name wrong.

Another message, a young man died in a car accident, there were two people in the care, but he didn't hit a tree, yes, something went through the windscreen.  The medium gave the industrial site where the young man would have worked, she gave the name Tom, Thomas,, sorry, the person couldn't take the name.  (Well, my Dad was called Thomas and he wanted me to be called Thomasina,  close).

Another message for a person who drove a lot, links with Scotland, smoked heavily, yes, yes, yes, the woman can take all the detail, 'I am being given a love of country music' well, no the woman says he liked folk music.  Ignore that then, country/folk, similar.  (Not to my Dad, who loved country music and left me piles of tapes of country music along with his car, that he used to sing along to as he drove).

The name Charlie?  no, couldn't take the name Charlie.  (Well, my son is called Charlie and he is the most important person in my world). 

It is not my place to stick my hand up and demand a link whenever these names are called, I am happy for the other people to have their messages and I just quietly know that I am being acknowledged by these names.

Lots of love and light to everyone who needs it.

Tamasin x

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