Friday, 17 February 2012

Coincidental dates.

Sometimes the coincidences are small, insignificant and arrive with no introduction or with any direct personal significance or meaning. Sometimes I just enjoy

30th November 2011. 

I was tweeting about Oscar Wilde and how he looks like Jonathan Ross.  I don’t know why I felt I had to follow that up and have a little google, but I did, only to discover that I was looking Oscar Wilde up on the anniversary of his death in 1900.
During my studies on a Children's Literature course with the Open University, I also have reason to ponder about the most famous authors of Children's Literature. 

 I wonder about J.K. Rowling's zodiac sign, I look it up.  A Leo!  Of course, naturally good with children, great parents and eternally childlike themselves. 

Oh, and then of course another author who was criticised as much as acclaimed, Enid Blyton, a generation of children went adventuring with the Famous Five and Timmy.  I wonder when she was born?  Wikipedia, what did we do before you were invented? Only to find Enid Blyton was also born under the zodiac sign of Leo.  Lovely.  Two Leo female writers of children's fiction that grabbed the imagination of a generation. 

Oh, and of course there is Beatrix Potter, not only a writer, but the illustrator of Peter Rabbit and Benjamin Bunny series, I will give you three guesses as to which zodiac sign she was born under?  Yes, another Leo.  A trio of Leos.

The sort of coincidental dates that kept me going as I was reading and writing on a daily basis.


A trip to a spiritualist church in Leigh also led to a coincidental date.  The medium read out some 'inspired writing' that she had written on 16th January.  I don't know why she read out the date, but that was the anniversary of my Dad's death. 

When I explained the significance of the date to the medium, she gave me the writing, which was very sweet of her.

Tamasin x

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