Thursday, 10 November 2011

What have you got to lose? Being asked for Directions.

Blogging as a Daily habit is more of a challenge than I expected it to be! 

Strolling along, walking to Southend to hand in a job application form.  Trekking down paths that I have walked for thirty years, back the exact same building where I worked thirty years ago, the co-op.  The new job is in the old co-op building.  Packing my red back pack with a neatly handwritten letter, folded cleanly into an envelope with fully completed application form.  Sounds so easy doesn't it?  Hours of writing, painstakingly, to ensure all the right words are used for this particular job.  In the back of my mind I am thinking that I am just wasting my time. It is just another pie in the sky, wishful thinking that I can go and work in an office, after a long career break, my return to work can be in the form of a 'good job'.  I will try though, I have been reminded that I have nothing to lose.

I have been reminded that I have nothing to lose, by bumping into my old boss from 2003 and asking him if he has any jobs available.  Two people I know this week have given me the line 'I can't ask for my old job back, it is embarrassing'.  I have said to both of them 'what have you go to lose?' they both came up with reasons.  Reasons that all revolve around being bothered what other people think.  Not me.  No sir.  I handed over my Angel Reading card with my phone number on it, for his perusal, and you never know, if he decides he can fit a middle-aged female into the ranks of young, mainly male, firm of negotiators, then perhaps I will get a call.

I digress, walking along,  to town usually takes about 45-50 minutes depending on how many green traffic lights hold up the traffic, a car pulls up alongside me.  A nice, bright, shiny black Volkswagen.  A young woman in her twenties, smiles through the open window.  'Sorry' she says. I take an earpod out.  'That's okay' I say, smiling, more to myself than to her, because I am being asked for directions. Again.
Just when I am in doubt about this job I have spent so much time and effort applying for, doubting that I can do it.
'do you know where the Court is?'  she says
I smile even more, yes, of course I know where the Court is.  In another lifetime I used to take clients along to Court, taking notes, arranging the forms, reporting back to my boss.  That is what the role of legal secretary/para legal used to entail.  I did that.  I pointed the young lady in the right direction and they zoomed off with a roar of the souped-up engine and a cloud of exhaust fumes.

A perfect reminder, that I am still the person who looks like they know the Way, and a blast from the past to remind me of the field I used to work in. Of course I can run a little office.  It was with this renewed confidence that I handed in my job application, meeting the woman who will be doing the interviewing, for the second time.  She did just tell me, like a little bird tells you, that interviews will be held next Friday for successful applicants.  Superb.  Forewarned is forearmed. She also told me her name is Sally.  Well, my very first best friend at School was called Sally.  I met another Sally when I was pregnant with my son, she was pregnant at the same time as me.  The name Sally has always been lucky for me.

I left town feeling that, even if this job is not successful, one of these days a job will come my way.

Love and light to everyone who needs it.

Tamasin x

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