Friday, 18 November 2011

Guardian Angels disguised as Police Cars

Let me tell you a little story,  one that begins with no sugar. 

No story that starts without sugar can be any good. No good can come of a sugar free kitchen. It was to this end that I decided, after dark, way after teatime, and later than I should have done, to go out in search of some granulated white stuff.

On my way to the ever open convenience store, I text my friend who lives six roads away to say I was passing by and if she was free I would nip in for a cuppa. She was free, I popped round, a cup of tea and a natter, I headed home. It was about 7.30pm, not really too late, but this being November it was about as dark as it was going to get. I noticed up ahead that a gang of young hoodies were outside the sweetshop. 

It was okay, there were two police cars nearby. One had flashing blue lights on. I walked confidently towards the group, straight through the middle and out the other side. All in one piece.  As I passed them I glanced back towards the police car, just to be a bit nosy and see who they had put in it.  There was no sign of the police car. I swear to you, the police car had evaporated into thin air. It can't have driven off, I would have seen it, it can't have driven past me without me noticing. It had just vanished. 

I turned to face the direction of home and carried on walking, in a sort of foggy daze that something strange had just happened. I felt as though some Guardian Angel Police Cars had appeared to me, to give me added confidence, so the young hoodies would leave me alone. Which is exactly what happened.

Lots of love and light to everyone who needs it.

Tamasin x

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